10 Best 4K Gaming Monitor For PS4 Pro [Buying Guide]

Are you in the market for a 4K gaming monitor to use with your PlayStation 4 Pro? If so, you’re in luck! In this blog post, we will be taking a look at the best 4K gaming monitors for PS4 Pro. We’ll provide an overview of what to look for when shopping for a 4K gaming monitor, and then we’ll highlight top 10 of our favorite monitors that are perfect for use with PS4 Pro.

Best 4K Monitors for PS4 Pro Console Gaming

1. LG 27UK850-W – Best Budget Monitor For PS4 Pro

LG 27UK850-W

The LG 27UK650-W is a great monitor for professional gaming. It has an impressive refresh rate and allows you to play without straining your eyes, which makes it perfect if weariness starts setting in during long hours on the PC or console!

If you want to play professionally, you’ll need the greatest equipment possible to assist you reach your full potential and improve the quality of your time.

The LG 27UK650-W is an excellent choice for those looking to purchase a new monitor. It’s loaded with features and technology that make it stand out from other 4K monitors on the market today, such as IPS LED Monitor Technology and HDR10 system inside! With this particular model you’ll also be able adjust your posture while using any type of desk thanks again adjustable stand which helps keep things comfortable during long hours spent at work or play alike you love.

With a fast response rate of time 5ms and HDR 10 compatibility, the monitor provides an amazing gaming experience. It’s design with classy stand adds value to your screen while USB Type-C connectivity makes it easy for you use this as laptop or desktop computer if needed! The sRGB color gamut (99%) combined along side AMD freesync technology ensures that no matter what game are being played there will always be enough colors which can easily distracted by poor quality monitors out there.

Our Verdict: This is a high-quality display that will make it more durable and versatile using cutting-edge technologies and a limitless number of options. Its best quality is 4K UHD, which is ideal for serious and dedicated gamers.

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2. LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor | Best budget 4k monitor for ps4 pro

LG 32UD60-B 4K UHD Monitor

The LG 32UD60-B is an amazing 4k Resolution monitor that will provide you with the best gaming experience. It has been made by one of today’s trusted brands, and it features AMD graphics readers for those who want to game at their highest level possible without sacrificing anything else about gameplay!

The screen itself offers beautiful colors thanks in part from its high definition resolution combined with sRGB color gamut which means all your favorite games look awesome in better resolution than ever before on this large-screened device – plus there are no worries if text appears too small because everything can be enlarged proportionately using settings found within each individual program (a utility usually accessible via Start) you can press button to increase or decrease the size of text too.

If you are looking for a large monitor from a trusted brand then the LG 32UD60-B can be a great choice. This one is a 4k Resolution screen that comes with an AMD graphics reader. The best thing about the monitor is that it is big. It allows you to view all the gaming action in a magnified way without missing out on a detail.

The LG 32UD60-B is a 31.5-inch ultra high definition (UHD) model. You may use on-screen split screen choices for live gaming and game coordination at real time speed, as well as other features. It also has a Height Adjustable Stand to help you maintain an erect posture while gaming.

Verdict:gamers will be happy to know that this screen has been designed with their needs in mind. It’s perfect for professional gamers and offers a high-quality display, good size (perfect if you’re vertically challenged) as well as compatibility respond time so they can get on top of the competition!

3.Samsung UJ59 – UHD Freesync Monitor For PS4 Pro

Samsung UJ59

The Ps4 Pro’s display is not only stylish but also functional. The 32 inches wide screen with 4K resolution and flicker-free make it the perfect pick for gamers who want to play their games on an edge of reality gaming experience!

The sleek black color gives off sophistication in every aspect while giving you all that intense graphics needed when playing video games such as Fortnite or PUBG Mobile . It has a lot going for its goodness; high definition clarity, eye pleasing design elements like metal hinges etc., so if your looking into purchasing one just do yourself another favor – consider this first.

With such an attractive finish, the entire monitor becomes more and more beautiful. It also aids in the recognition of small details in complex and fast-paced gaming scenarios.

The Picture-by-Picture (PBP) feature of this monitor is something that makes it stand out right away! You can connect two devices by using the split screen function.

Its wide format proved to be highly suitable for showing off these pictures at once on your TV or computer screen, without having a black border around them like other less capable models do when displaying videos from different sources such as YouTube clips which are not designed with 16:9 aspect ratios in mind.

The addition of blue light mode and low refresh rate make it even better for gamers. The 60 Hz, PlayStation 4 compatible display also offers an appealing tone that will keep you at the edge of your seat during game play with its special features like optimized contrast ratio to show off every detail in a frame!

Our Verdict: The monitor that will deliver you the most enrichment and quality-wise best features all in one package! With its incredible design, it’s pretty much in demand by users.

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4. LG 32UL500-W – 4k HDR Monitor For PS4 Pro

LG 32UL500-W 4k HDR Monitor For PS4 Pro

LG’s 32UL500-W UHD display is a perfect fit for those looking to upgrade their ps4 pro with an excellent and clear monitor. With its large size, high definition resolution (3840 x 2160), DCI P3 color gamut percentage of 95% this will give you the best gameplay experience possible!

The VA display and AMD free sync have been created with the high-end performance in mind. If you’re looking to replace your old display, this monitor with a solid construction and useful features is ready for you to use.

The monitor is a sleek, high-tech device that has some really great features. One of the best things about this LCD screen are its compatibility with HDR10 and onscreen control options for when you want to split your display into two or more parts! It’s also easy enough to wall mount so there won’t be any Angle problems in order enjoy 3D gaming at it’s fullest potential without worrying how comfortable I am sitting down while playing my favorite games such as Minecraft.

Our Verdict:The graphic of this product makes it the perfect choice for gamers that want an immersive experience. The accuracy in coloration really draws your attention, making you feel like what you’re seeing is real!

5.Asus VP28UQG – Budget 4k Monitor For PS4 Pro

Asus VP28UQG

With its beautiful, high-quality screen and sleek design the Asus VP28UQG is a great option for those looking to enjoy their gaming or working experience without any eyestrain.

The 28″ inch monitor with 4K Ultra HD 3840 x 2160 resolution is a beauty to behold. The ideal build and dainty pleasure will catch anyone’s eye, especially when they’re looking for something that doesn’tspend too much money but still offers excellent picture quality!

The Gameplus On-thefly is a user-friendly monitor that will make your preference as priority. It’s adaptive freesync and 1ms response time makes for an smooth, lag free experience all around you with its 5 way OSD joystick providing the best features possible in game!

The monitor is perfect for any gamer who wants to have the best experience possible. With its connectivity features, including DisplayPort and dual HDMI ports it will make your gaming more ergonomic while also ensuring that you are getting a high quality picture with no flicker or eye strain!

Verdict:The monitor is perfect for gamers who want to buy a high-quality screen without breaking their budget. It has fast response time and refresh rate with improved image quality that makes video games more immersive than ever before!

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6.LG 27UD68-P – IPS Monitor with FreeSync

LG 27UD68-P

If you are looking for a monitor with high-quality display, then the LG27UD58B should be your top choice. This one offers vivid color contrast at all times and can adapt to any game or graphics that come in its way without sacrificing quality on screen! With proper 4K resolution this UHD IPS panel is perfect as both an entertainment center AND gaming console too.

The 99% sRGB over accurate coverage brings in the vibrant coloration without merging similar looking colors. The 4K monitor with maximum clarity makes sure its quality and hence this impressive specification that includes a screen split 2.0 feature for multitasking, allowing you to work on multiple windows at once which provides high robustness!

With Freesync technology, you can enjoy a smooth and buttery viewing experience without any lag or refresh rate changes. Along with this advanced feature comes the ability to change your screen’s colors easily using OS compatibility as well!

Our Verdict:Whether you’re looking for a high-end, professional gaming experience or just want to get some fun out of your day with friends and family – this monitor is perfect!

7.BenQ EW3270U – With Eye-care Technology

BenQ EW3270U

The BenQ monitor is a high-quality, affordable choice for gamers. The screen has an impressive build that will last even when you’re playing games at maximum settings!

It is not just an ordinary screen. It has the 4K UHD resolution with 3840 x 2160 clarity and precise detail that will allow you to experience reality as if it were right in front of your eyes!

The connectivity for HDMI ports, including the HDMI 2.0, DP1. 4, USB-C, and eye-friendly construction makes the monitor ideal for PS4 Pro. Without receiving any harm from the bright and brilliant gaze over hours on the screen, you may spend hours there without straining your eyes.

With its brilliant displays, this monitor is the perfect piece for any gamer. It not only offers you HDR support but also features brightness intelligence plus which automatically adjust temperature and lighting to give an optimum experience without having too much control over it yourself!

Our Verdict:This monitor offers so many features that will be perfect for you. From style to performance, this product would make an excellent addition to your desk!

8.Samsung C27HG70 27″ HDR QLED:

Samsung C27HG70 27

With a stylish, curved screen that makes gaming sessions more immersive and interesting the Samsung C27HG70 is an excellent alternative computer monitor. This comes with HDR QLED technology for bright colors without sacrificing detail in shadows or highlights as well!

Your images will be so clear and bright that you can see every detail. The monitor is equipped with a 1 billion color support, which means the display of your picture was designed for people who want their screens to look as good from afar as they do up close! The screen is both appealing and exciting for the player.

You’ll be able to keep track of everything that’s going on in the game, since it features an angled viewing capability despite being only 27 inches big.

Verdict:Games are meant to be enjoyed, so why not get the best experience possible? With this monitor you’ll never have any distractions or boredom when playing your favorite game because its visuals will blow away anything else on market.

9. Dell U4320Q – Best Dell 4k Monitor For PS4 Pro

Best Dell 4k Monitor For PS4 Pro

gamers will love the high-class and exquisite build of this monitor. It’s perfect for those who want to have an unforgettable time playing their favorite games, as it offers widescreen with 4k ultra HD quality; detailed resolution that is sure not disappoints even when compared against other models on today’s market ( Picture -by picture function makes life easier); plus anticipation free viewing thanks in part due its P2P capabilities!

Whether you are on your PC, smartphone or game console; the monitors eco-friendly design will make it feel like home. The five templates (white background/neutral color) assist in making sure that this product is suitable for any occasion while its thin ultra smart bezel does not distract from what’s important – playing games! With VESA certified build quality and HDMI availability everyone can enjoy their time spent gaming without worry about compatibility issues.

This monitor is the best for gaming and video related tasks. It has a 42’5 inch display with 4K results, making it more appealing to those who want Ps4 Pro altogether! For keeping up adjustable angles (tilting/swiveling), its tilt ergonomic view allow users find their preferred angle in no time at all – perfect when using your computer or watching videos on YouTube while laying down comfortably.

With USB-C connectivity and responsive operation, this display has become the ideal gaming equipment. The screen with the flicker-free design reduces radiation by 60% from the display.

Our Verdict: It is well-made gaming monitor for professionals and regular desktops. The sleek design, perfect colors gamut representation of games along with its master approach make it one worth checking out!

10.DELL UltraSharp U2719D

DELL UltraSharp U2719D

The Dell Ultra Sharp monitor is one of the most popular gaming screens on earth. It will upgrade your experience and make you feel like royalty while playing any video game with its stunning visuals that are sure to please even picky gamers!

The LED technology of this TV allows it to produce a clear and detailed picture that you will not miss out on. The large screen also makes sure there is no detail left unheeded, ensuring an unforgettable viewing experience for all viewers!

The gaming industry is changing constantly, and there are many different brands to choose from. However, the Pixel Quad technology has made this decision much easier by providing you with top-notch quality parts that will last throughout your entire career as a gamer!

Verdict: The sleek and sexy gaming monitor is the ultimate in high-end desktop computers. Combining cutting-edge technology with luxurious materials, it’s no wonder this has become one of our favorite go-to monitors for when we need an amazing quality display!

Things to Consider Before Buying the Best 4K Monitor for Ps4 Pro


The most important thing to consider when purchasing a gaming monitor is its compatibility with your console. You’ll need an HDMI or type C cable in order for the two devices connect properly, and if you don’t have this connection then it will be useless- so make sure that any purchases include these cables!

Smoothness & Color Accuracy

With the best colors and sharp image quality, you can Relate to your game even more. The 100% sRGB coverage becomes essential for gamers who want an accurate portrayal of their world in all its glory; designers need this so they know what elements will look good on screen or if there are any errors during development process due not having enough information about how each individual pixel should behave when combined together with other similar ones – which also includes 90% DCI-P3 standards (a type close range).

Eye Care Technology

The health of your eyes is important and you should look at the type of technology being used in order to ensure that they are safe for viewing long hours. There’s flicker-free screen, low blue light filter as well as Eye Care feature which will help gamers especially but it’s best if these features aren’t chosen otherwise since this can seriously harm ones sight!

Your Usage:

It’s important to think about how long you want your monitor. The strain can lead people into headaches and eye pain, which are not good for the health of either one! You’ll also need decide if TV or Netflix is right for YOU before buying any kind of display device because there isn’t always an option when it comes down deciding between them (although most TVs have at least two HDMI ports).


Is a 4K monitor good for console gaming?

Yes, 4K monitors are suitable for the Xbox One X, PlayStation 5, and PS4 Pro consoles that play 4K games and watch 4K video. Then you’ll need a 4K panel to enojy and utilize it in full power.

Is it worth getting a 4K monitor for PS4 pro?

Yes, for the PS4 Pro because it provides content in 4K resolution. However, if you have a basic PS4, we wouldn’t suggest investing in a 4K display since the console displays content at 1080P.

Can a PS4 run 120hz?

No, the PS4 cannot run at a frequency of 120Hz. It can only support 60 frames per second and a refresh rate of 60Hz.

What is the best monitor for ps4 pro?

This is by far the most frequently asked question! You’re sure to see a lot of different types and choices at the market. BenQ and LG, on the other hand, are two names that have risen as prominent brands in my opinion. Depending on your preference, you may also choose from other names, which we’ve included in today’s list as well.

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