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App Cloner Premium Version Apk Download

Android App Cloner is the one of the great software to clone any app in your smartphone. It allows you to make copy of any app in your android smartphone exactly. Mean, with the cloning of any app you can install same app twice in your android with the help of App Cloner. But, there are bunch of free cloner app available in play store and most of them come with some price tag to access all the features after installing in your android smartphone. So, today i have come up with new article about Download App Cloner Premium Version In your smartphone for free.

What is app cloner premium version?

Simply, App cloner premium version is paid app that you can not install in your Android smartphones without successful purchase because it comes with price tag. The premium version of the this app carries the tempting features that you can’t access in free version. App cloner premium version let you do many things before you clone any app in your android smartphone, Like you can clone Any app without limit and install it in your android smartphone. APP CLONER will let you make copies of any app that already exist in your android phone and cloning of apps will help you do operate multiple task such as you can use multiple login into your Whatsapp, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and many more . As well as you can access the advanced features in the premium version of App cloner and some of the basic features are described below.

Features of App cloner premium APK

App cloner Premium version let you to access from basic features to advanced features. such as password protection, incotingo and secure file delection and some extra features are:

  • Delete Authorisation
  • Lock Rotation
  • Disable Clone Startup
  • Clone Multiple Applications Without Limits
  • Share to Cloned Apps
  • Rename, Replace icon and Icon color change
  • Change Android verison and SDK version
  • Change the build.prop
  • Add bagde to clone app and Many more features

How to install ?

Installation is simple. Just download the apk file from link up and Goto the file manager and look for download folders file and install the downloaded .Apk in your android. before you install the apk file make sure that you have enabled Unknown Source in your device. If you don’t know how to do, Goto Setting 》Security 》Look for Unknown Source and Enable it..

Note: This is the premium version of App Cloner. This is the paid version with all the premium features though , we share the download link only we don’t have any rights or authority in this app. Importance : Don’t open this while you have internet connection whether it is Data or Wifi because if you open it in while have internet connection it will ask you to download the app, So please close your data connection before you start using it.

Above article, You learned about Premium version of App Cloner and how to download it and access all the features in your android smartphone free, I hoped you liked it if anything wrong goes with download link you can leave comments down.

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