☑️How to Fix Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working or Unreachable?

How to Fix Alexa Multi-Room Audio Not Working or Unreachable?

Alexa: Echo dot is a device that allows you to control different smart devices from one place with a voice command as well as it allows you to enjoy the music from multiple devices at the same time but few times the time comes where Alexa Multi-Room Music not Working or Unreachable so, here we … Read more

☑️How To Cross Out Or Strike Through Text In Discord?

Cross Out Or Strike Through Text In Discord

Discord Introduction: Discord is one of the platform where user can go there and chat with the group of people whether they are learners or gamers and it is one of the great platform. Here discord messages are sent from one player to another player through and discord channel and it can be used in … Read more

☑️How To Fix Alexa “I’m having trouble understanding right now”?

FIX Alexa having trouble understanding

Echo dot is one of the most advanced smart home device which allows user to command and get through results through its voice but its sure you may have faced and heard I am I’m having trouble understanding right now in Amazon Echo so, you may be frustrated and tried again and again giving voice … Read more

☑️What Is the Red Dot on the Discord Icon and How Do I Fix It?

Fix reddot in discord

Discord Introduction: Discord is an app that is specially created for gamers to talk with each other in real-time while playing games. Users can communicate with one another with video calls, audio calls, text messaging in private chats or in groups called “severs”.  You can open Discord and enter in a gaggle chat with one … Read more

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