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Best 10 Chegg Alternatives To Try

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Chegg alternatives

Chegg is an online educational platform originated from the USA. It provides its users, textbook solutions in both digital or physical forms. It also provides facilities like tutoring and helps the students on their lessons or assignments.

It doesn’t only provides education, but also comes with the features like scholarships and internships. It has became the most loved and admired site by the students on this date.

The interface of the platform is also well organized and also very easy to use. Chegg has provided various excellent services to students and helped over millions of students in their studies from all around the world. However, you have to pay for the features and services provided by Chegg. 

There are thousands of platforms like chegg who also offer the same services as chegg on very low costs or even free. It is better for the students to know about more platforms rather than sticking on only one. So, In this article we are discussing a few alternative sites of chegg which will definitely help on your homework, assignment or study materials.

Best alternatives of Chegg:

1 Coursera


Coursera is our first alternative for Chegg. It is one of the best-known online tutoring sites which is often used by the students who write research papers. It was established by some of the professors in 2012 from Stanford University. Anyone from the world can easily access this one of the best education systems of the globe with high quality customer service.   

It can easily be found on both google play store or apple store. It means that you can access it on both iOS or Android devices. You can also attend many degree courses from coursera. It gives a very cheap offer as its monthly plan starts at 39$ only. 

2 PaperHelp


It is an online tutoring site from where anyone can teach someone and earn money from them. You can hire the best online tutor and ask them to solve your problems for as low a price as you want. 

It is a legal and trusted platform for the students. Many students loves to come on the platform every single day. PaperHelp has a very high rating like 4.6 from 5 which is outstanding.  

3 Book Finder


BookFinder was officially established in 1997 who had been providing and helping students by providing different types of books at very low prices. It has more than hundred thousands booksellers who are selling books every day. You can see more than 150 million books which is very impressive.

You can find a wide range of books from rare books, used books or textbooks. The interface is also very well organized. You can search any books on the search bar and compare the prices of the book from the different sellers and buy the cheapest one.

4 TutorBin


It is a very legit and trusted platform. You can trust Tutorbin to do your assignments from the top teachers all around the world. The interface of the website is also very well organized. You can also join live classes by connecting to the experienced tutor and asking them to fix the time for the live classes. 

The experts will explain everything very clearly with the concept. This will definitely help you to boost your grades. You can even get video solutions to your questions.

5 99Papers


It is a blessing for those students who are about to begin writing. The experts will assist you about everything by reviewing your contents. They will check the spelling mistakes, grammar and the tone of your writing. 

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It will help you to write plagiarism free contents. If you are particularly concerned about copyright issues then you must try this platform.

6 edX


This is a great alternative for chegg. Edx is said to be the most popular and valuable platform for the courses provided by them on the online market. Edx comes with dozens of online courses, training programs,etc. So, it will be worth it to enroll in something new. It is very easy to take online classes here. 

So, If you are a student then I will definitely suggest edx to learn about your course more. There are many courses from the top universities like stanford, harvard,etc which you can enroll on both paid or free. 

7 Skooli


It is also an online tutoring platform. This platform has a great review by its users. You can even post your students which will later be solved by the highly qualified teachers. You can even learn about anything with the help of an expert personal tutor. You can hire a tutor accounting to the syllabus or subject according to your needs.

You can even pay for a minute to the tutors which will cost you very cheap as compared to the monthly or annual subscriptions. You can even earn money by being a tutor which can be a great part time job for you. 

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8 School Solver

School Solver

School solver is also one of the most popular and loved platforms for the students. You can hire online tutors, search for your answers or assignments. There are many tutors from Chegg who will help with your questions for less than a $ which is a great deal for the students.

You can post your questions, syllabus or models which will be solved by the top tutors. However, Schoolsolver is not free, it means that you have to pay for the services but you can make it as cheap as you want. 

9 GradeMiners


GradeMiners was officially established in 2009. They offer their users the services like Essay, textbook solutions, assignments, math problems, proofreading, presentation and many more with accurate answers and detailed solutions. You can hire expert tutors to get these facilities. In case you don’t find any worth on their output, then you can easily ask them for the full refund. 

You can find thousands of experts for your help. You can ask them for your help on any time or any day. However, I will say that Grademiners is one of the best alternatives for Chegg. 

10 Scribd


Scribd is our last alternative to chegg. It is a very popular website which comes with a free 30-days unlimited access to use millions of books, library, magazines and even audiobooks. There is no requirement of credit card or other payment option to start the free trial. 

This is a very amazing site as everyone from the world has access to their favourite books, magazines and the high quality contents for free until some weeks, So, I will surely suggest you to use this site.

Final Words:

Chegg is a very popular educational site which is loved by millions of students. All the students from the world can easily access this site to get help for their study.

The cost to start the subscriptions is quite high. So, we found that many students were searching for alternatives for chegg and we finally found some alternatives to chegg as you can see in the article. Please don’t forget to share your experience or questions regarding this article in the comment section below.   

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