Computer Related Full Form Words | The Complete List Of Computer Shortcut Words

In this post, we covered the most Important Computer Related Full Form Words, what we must know in our daily life.

Full forms of Computer related Words for you.  And I hope these full forms would be sufficient for daily use to everyone. You should read and share with your friends.

WLAN:- Wireless Local Area Network
HP:- Hewlett Packard
UMTS:- Universal Mobile Telecommunication System
3G:- 3rd Generation
ISP:- Internet Service Provider
GUI:- Graphical User Interface
DAT:- Digital Audio Tape
WML:- Wireless Markup Language
XMF:- Extensible Music File
WBMP:- Wireless Bitmap Image
NRT:- Nokia Ringtone
WAV:- Waveform Audio
DOS:- Document
JAD:- Java Application Descriptor
JAR:- Java Archive
RTS:- Real-time Streaming
FDD:- Floppy Disk Drive
KBD:- Keyboard
AAC:- Advanced Audio Coding
BMP:- Bitmap
TCP:- Transmission Control protocol
HSDPA:- High-Speed Downlink Packet Access
SWF:- Shock Wave Flash
VIRUS:- Vital Information Resource Under Seized
UHF:- Ultra High Frequency
CBT:- Computer Based Training
GP:- Graphics Port
BCR:- Bar Code Reader
JSP:- Java Server Pages
MS:- Microsoft
MSI:- Medium Scale Integration
MSD:- Most Significant Digit
NIU:- Network Interface Unit
QAS:- Quality Assurance Service
RPG:- Report Program Generator
ULSI:- Ultra Large Scale Integration
WLL:- Wireless Local Loop
WMP:- Windows Media Player
CTS:- Clear to Send
DTP:- Desktop Publishing
FS:- File System
IE:- Internet Explorer
POST:- Power on Self Test
tmp:- Temporary
SP:- Service pack
TTF:- True Type Font
VB:- Visual Basic
DDR:- Double Data Rate
DB:- Database
JDK:- Java Development Kit
ANSI:- American National Standards
ARPA:- Advanced Research Projects Agency
DTD:- Document Type Definition
LDA:- Local Delivery Agent
RF:- Radio Frequency
SFC:- System File Checker
SP:- Service pack
ZIP:- Zigzag Inline Package
WINS:- Windows Internet Name Service
IPP:- Internet Printing Protocol
MFP:- Multi-Function Device
GUI:- Graphical User Interface
ERD:- Emergency Repair Disk
IDE:- Integrated Drive Electronics
IR:- Infrared
LPT:- Line Printer Terminal
VLSI:- Very Large Scale Integration
RPG:- Report programmer Generator
ASP:- Active Service Pages
AP:- Access Point
EXE:– Executable Format
FLV:- Flash Live Video
DMA:- Direct Memory Access
MP:- Multi-Processor
PPP:- Point to Point Protocol
SOL:- Small outline
TPI:- Tracks Per Inch
CTS:- Clear to Send
BCC:- Block Check Character
IPC:- Inter-Process Communication
MMX:- Multi-media Extensions
FF:- Form Feed
FPU:- Floating Point Unit
RI:- Ring Indicator
EMI:- Electro-Magnetic Force
IVT:- Interrupt Vector Table
LUN:- Logical Unit Number
GAS:- Gallium Arsenide
ESC:- Escape
Del:- Delete
FAT:- File Allocation Table
PgDn:- Page Down
PB:- Petra Byte
TFT:- Thin Film Transistor
VGA:- Visual Graphic Adopter
AT:- Advanced Technology
RGB:- Red-Green-Blue
PIF:- Program Information File
IO:- Input Output
CSS:- Cascading Style Sheet
SSL:- Secure Sockets Layer


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