How to Delete file’s and folders in Termux?

Termux is a free and open source application that offers a powerful terminal emulator for Android devices. With Termux, you can access the full Linux command line on your device. This gives you the ability to run any of the hundreds of thousands of applications that are available for Linux.

termux commands

Updating termux:

Open termux then execute these commands which will help to update termux.

$ apt update

$ apt upgrade

How to remove file in termux:

If you want to remove file then use ‘rm’ command


 Type ‘rm’ then give space and type the name of the directory.


rm nameoffile

Example: rm netflix.apk

How to remove folder or file in termux:-

Follow these steps which will help to remove folder:

Now if you want to remove folder then you need to use ‘rm -rf’ it will help to remove both folder and file too.

Structure: rm -rf nameoffolderorfile


For folder:

rm -rf sasuke user

for file:

rm -rf narutoguide.pdf doc


Here we show you deleting files or folder in termux and if you are having any obstacles related to termux you can comment.

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