Easy way to use Khalti digital wallet In Nepal


Khalti digital wallet, which has been in operation since 2017, is a mobile wallet and payment, service provider In Nepal. Using your Khalti, you can pay for a variety of goods and services online and from your SmartPhone at home.

Khalti digital wallet In Nepal
Khalti digital wallet In Nepal

From mobile recharge to electricity, drinking water, internet, DISH Home payment, movie ticketing, plane ticketing, events ticketing, hotel room booking and online shopping, the public is using the ‘Khalti’ digital wallet App In Nepal.

To create an account in your Khalti, you need a smartphone and your mobile number.

How to use the Khalti digital wallet app.

  1. If you have an Android or iPhone click to download the Khalti Digital Wallet app.
  2. you need to create a Khalti ID. For that, open the Khalti app. and pressing the sing up button on the Khalti App.
  3. Enter your name, mobile number, email address and password on the registration form and click singup button.
  4. Soon OTP code will received on your mobile number.
  5. Enter that code and Verify mobile number.
  6. After doing that, your Khalti account is now ready.


Now Khalti Account is ready, but how to load money? Of course, this is the curiosity that comes to your mind here. There are various options available to load money in the Khalti Account. We are also telling you about that here.

Link Bank account on Khalti wallet

Open The Khalti app and click on the Link Account menu, you will see a list of banks in your Khalti. you can easily load cash from your bank account to your Khalti mobile wallet whenever you want. Khalti has collaborated with more than 40 banks and financial institutions.

Khalti Mobile Wallet has taken online banking services of collaborating banks so you can load money directly into your Khalti wallet. Clicking on the e-Banking menu in the Khalti app shows you a list of banks in your Khalti app or website.

Go there and choose the amount you want to load. It is then redirected to the login page of the concerned bank’s website. All of these banks’ mobile apps and websites also have a menu for loading cash in your wallet.

There, after accepting the online banking username and password provided by the bank, cash is loaded in the Khalti wallet.

Khalti service center

You can load cash into your Khalti mobile wallet by visiting Khalti service centers in different places. There are such service centers all over Nepal.

If you want to do business above five thousand rupees, you have to fill up your KYC form.

Final Words

Now you can easily use various services like phone recharge, electricity, water, as well as many other features from your pocket.

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