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Enable GodMode In Windows Pc

To find the setting if needed in windows is little complicated because you must search or goto control panel and start to modify or setting up your windows settings. This will really make us bored to find the exact settings but dont worry there is a way how to get these all setting in a folder in windows pc. so without this complication you can get over 200 tools or setting in help of GodMode.

What is GodMode?

GodMode is a special folder in windows that contains or give you the quick access over many tools and settings that normally included in control panel and extra menus. therefore when you enable GodMode it lets you to all things in a place like changing fonts, rename your computer, change display settings, run task manager, update drivers, device manager, adjust your mouse settings, show or hide file extentions, format disk, view event log, change curser blink rate, add langugae and many more.

GodMode is being used for quick access of tools and settings that contains in control panel and it helps you to make your task faster and saves your times a little. you can complete your task in short period because most of your tools and setting are in one folder.

Enabling GodMode is really easy. You need to make a new folder in desktop and start doing awesome task within help of a folder where contains lots of tools and setting in windows.

How to activate GodMode in Windows PC?

The following steps for activate or enabling GodMode is same for Windows 10, Windows 8 and Windows 7.

NOTE:- Windows Xp does not support the GodMode. If you are running the windows xp then dont try this. And Windows Vista has differ steps to enabling the GodMode. so check the bottom of page.

Proccess to enable GodMode :

TO enable in Windows 10 , Windows 8 and Windows 7.

STEP 1 : Make a new folder anywhere you like, but i recommend you to make a new folder in Desktop. To do so right click on desktop after that NEW >> FOLDER >>.

NOTE:- You must create a new folder right away. Dont not try to rename existing folder which contains the files inside it. If you did that your all file will be hide and not accessable.

STEP 2 : After that you will ask for a name for new folder, copy the following code and paste it there in new name.


After that save it.

After you paste the code and saves it your folder icon will change into control panel icon. Default folder will emilnated after this. Now you have successfully enabled the GodMode in your windows pc. Double click to open it and access over 200 settings in a folder. ENJOY.

More informations about Godmode for windows vista :

GodMode doesn’t support Windows Xp , but you can enable GodMode in windows vista if you have only a 32-bit version. If you have 64-bit version it might crash so , enable the GodMode if you have running version of vista 32-bit.

If you don’t want it to your pc and really want to remove it. If you want to get rid of this folder simply delete it.

If you enable the GODMODE in existing folder your all files inside this folder will be hidden. In case you did it dont worry you can get back your all files in few steps. You can not change the GODMODE name or rename it using any kind of file manager but there is a way it is :

Open the command prompt inside the folder where GodMode is located and type following command to do.

ren “GodMode.GodMode.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C}” oldfolder

If you did above tutorials in right way your all files will appear in the same folder as before.

This all for GodMode that how you can enable and access all the settings in a folder with it. Hoped you liked this article if it really helped dont forget to share it with friends, if you have anything to say leave commnets below.

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