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Google Adsense Approval Tips in Nepal 2020 [Earn Online Nepal]

Today in this article I’m going to teach you must useful tips for your Google Adsense Approval in Nepal. We know that if you figure out around about the online earning of course you can find Adsense in the first number. Adsense is the one of the best and top one cost per click advertising program by Google which let anyone to who want to show Adsense ads on their own websites and get revenue from that ads when traffic or users click on that ads. When you are fully approved you can earn money by putting Adsense ads on your website.


Table of Content

  • Unique Content
  • Interesting Content
  • Create Page (Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Term, and Condition, About, Contact)
  • Not Use Copyright Image & Content
  • Follow Google Adsense Policy (Not Use Sexual Content)


I have seen so many people are earning good by the AdSense advertising program. though, there is still some blogger who is really disappointed by the rejection of Adsense while they apply for the AdSense advertising program to show ads on their site and earn. Get fully approved is not a small deal nowadays. bloggers are being rejected because of various reasons that they don’t follow before they apply for the AdSense advertising program. So, today with my own personal experience and information I have written this post about tips/things to remember before applying for the AdSense advertising program.

Tips to get Adsense for Approval

In my first journey in this field, I was rejected by google when I applied for the AdSense advertising program. There were many reasons behind it so I made improvements in all sectors and I was fully got approval for Adsense to show ads in my website. You might have been encountered such disappointing problems so today I am going to tell you some tips for about how to get Adsense Approval in first apply. There are some tips and troubleshooting for how you can get approval for AdSense. I have personally narrated these tips for you to check them out.

Tips 1: Content

Contents are the most precious part of the website for getting approval for AdSense so bloggers call that content is the king of the websites. Google always looks for unique and good content from you. if you are writing a post about something then you must use your own skill to write the post on your own words. if you have quality content on your website then you have a good chance to get approval for AdSense. So, write unique and impressive content that when users visit your site make them stay to your site.

Tips 2: Custom Domain

If you have good quality posts on your blog you can simply get Adsense Approval from AdSense without custom domains I have already told you that google looks for most unique and quality content s in your blog. I have seen many sites with got approval for Adsense because of their own awesome and unique posts. but it doesn’t mean you don’t need a custom domain. when you have a high-level custom domain you will have a very high chance to get approval for AdSense. so I recommend you add custom domain in your site before applying for AdSense.

Tips 3: Remove Unnecessary Parts

When you apply for the Adsense advertising program they will review your site. When they review your site most be most beautiful and clean. unnecessary pages, floats might give birth to problems in your this status and you will get disapproval from them. Add basic pages such as About us, Contact Us, Policy, Terms, and conditions, etc and remove if you have unnecessary floats.
Inside your post, don’t make any redirection link. Don’t make another link inside your posts that users will make users visit unwanted and disappointing sites. it also includes the violation of the AdSense advertising program.

Tips 4: Fast and Clean theme

This is also the greatest point to notice before applying for Adsense Approval because when your site under review they will also notice about your site performance. If you have a theme with a lot of codes that might make your site slower. so it might take time on loading. Because of heavy image sizes also make site loading slower. Specifically, this could happen in mobile phones, so use amp recommend a theme for your site that makes your site faster and clean.

Tips 5: Easy Navigation

Your site must be unique and beautiful with a mobile-friendly theme. visit your site also on mobile how actually it looks like on the mobile phone. if your site has not mobile-friendly theme it might be another reason for getting rejected from the Google AdSense advertising program. When a user visits your website using most get easy navigation for what they are looking for. So you most notice this thing before applying for Adsense Approval.

Tips 6: Premium Theme

I was rejected in the first application and I looked for the reason there was mentioned about this thing. so I applied after changing theme free to premium and got approval from AdSense. methinks, it is not much necessary though sometimes, it really plays a precious role to get approval from AdSense. Maybe there was a problem with my free version theme. You can use a premium or free theme it depends on you. You can take it as an optional.

Tips 7: Posts

If you have less post than 30 don’t be panic. just keep writing awesome articles on your website and apply for AdSense when you cross-post 30+. 30 posts are not necessary but I recommend you make at least 30 posts before applying. I have seen AdSense approval in only 10 posts. it sounds really interesting but this site was approved because of the most unique contents. You can apply with fewer posts it doesn’t matter because posts are just the numbers when you have less post and you are getting the traffic you will have a great chance to get approval.

Tips 8: Avoid Using Copyright Image And Text

If you are writing posts use your own words and your own images. Using other site images might get copyright problems so it will arise a problem on your AdSense to get approval. If you write post copying from another site, this should be eliminated now. Write with your own minded text it doesn’t matter how it is but avoid copy-paste from other websites. in image case if you are copying from another site edit them that it looks like your own.

Tips 9: Remove Other Ads

Before you start to avoid or remove another advertising program. To remove other ads before you apply for the Google AdSense advertising program. This will arise another issue on your AdSense status when it is being reviewed.


The important thing to note

This the only tips to get approval for AdSense. by the way, TheLimTechdoesn’t give you any guarantee that you will get full approval for Adsense following these guidelines. You will still get disapproval for AdSense but don’t give up. They will send you a mail about why you were rejected by the reasons and try to solve the reasons for rejection and apply for AdSense again.

Verification: Verify Your Sites

After you are fully prepared for these all tips you must Sign Up for AdSense. After that you need to paste a piece of code inside < head >< / head>. If you don’t know how to complete this process check the down tutorial. You can edit index.html and paste the code, for a blogger you can use the plugin but I am going to tell you about the blogger. This is for blogger sites. how to verify so check how to do.

Step 1: Copy Code

After you signup for AdSense. You will get a piece of code and you need to paste inside < head >. code looks like this. copy the code you got after successful signup.



Step 2: Edit In Html And Paste

Open your blogger site and go-toThemes>> Edit HTML.



Step 3: Save

After you paste click on save and enjoy you are done.



So this is the complete tutorial on how you can verify your blogger sites. complete all the guidelines to verify your site after you apply for AdSense.

This article covers all the tips about actually how you can get approval for Adsense. Be prepared and ready for all these tips before you apply for the AdSense advertising program. Don’t give up so easily sooner or later you will get approval for Adsense. If you are confused about verification steps you can leave your comments down.


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