The New Born Man

Hope Strategy

By Osho

I show another man, another mankind, another idea of being on the planet. I broadcast homo novus. The elderly person is passing on, and there is no compelling reason to live it  any more. The elderly person is on the deathbed: don’t grieve for it – help it to bite the dust. Since just with the demise of the old can the new be conceived. The discontinuance of the old is the start of the new.

My message to mankind is another man. Not as much as that won’t do. Not something changed, not something constant with the past, yet totally irregular.

Man has satisfied now not really, not genuinely; man has carried on with an exceptionally pseudo life. Man has lived in extraordinary pathology, man has lived in incredible malady. What’s more, there is no compelling reason to live in this pathology – we can leave the jail, in light of the fact that the jail is made by our very own hands. We are in the jail since we have chosen to be in the jail – in light of the fact that we have trusted that the jail isn’t a jail however our home.

My message to humankind is: Enough will be sufficient. Wakeful! See what man has done to man himself. In three thousand years man has battled five thousand wars. You can’t call this humankind solid. What’s more, just now and again has a Buddha sprouted. In the event that in the greenhouse just every so often a plant brings a bloom, and generally the entire nursery stays without blossoms, will you consider it a nursery? Something exceptionally fundamental has turned out badly. Every individual is destined to be a Buddha: not as much as that won’t satisfy you.

What has turned out badly?

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Be that as it may, what has turned out badly? Why has man lived for a large number of years in a sort of hellfire? For a huge number of years we have lived with an either/or idea of man as a sort of battleground between the lower and the higher, the material and the otherworldly, the common and the other–common, among great and insidiousness, among God and the Devil. The outcomes of such have seriously constrained human potential.

To demolish man, to wreck his capacity, an extraordinary system has been utilized – and that is to gap man in two. Man has lived with the idea of either/or: either be a realist or be a mystic. You have been let you know can’t be both. Either be the body or be the spirit – you have been encouraged you can’t be both.

My message to humankind is: Create another man – unsplit, coordinated, entirety.

Buddha isn’t entire, nor is Zorba the Greek. Both are cream. I cherish Zorba, I adore Buddha. In any case, when I investigate the most profound center of Zorba something is missing: he has no spirit. When I investigate Buddha something again is missing: he has no body.

An incredible gathering I instruct: the gathering of Zorba and Buddha. I instruct Zorba The Buddha – another blend. The gathering of the earth and the sky, the gathering of the noticeable and the undetectable, the gathering of the considerable number of polarities – of man and lady, of day and night, of summer and winter, of sex and samadhi. Just in that gathering will another man land on the earth.

My sannyasins, my kin, are the first beams of that new man, of that homo novus.

The inward division has driven humankind into a condition of suicide. It has made just slaves – and slaves can’t generally live, they don’t have anything to live for. They are living for other people. They have been diminished to machines – handy, proficient, yet a machine is a machine. What’s more, the machine can’t have the delight of living. It can’t commend, it can just endure.

The old religions had faith in renunciation. Renunciation has been a revile. I carry a gift to you: I show celebrating, not renunciation. The world has not to be denied, in light of the fact that god has not revoked it – for what reason would it be advisable for you to? God is…why would it be advisable for you to be out of it?

Live it in its totality – and living in totality brings amazing quality. At that point the gathering of the earth and the sky is hugely lovely; there is not all that much. At that point the polarities vanish into one another and the perfect inverses become complementary.

However, the elderly person was not so much human. He was a humanoid, a homo mechanics – a man who isn’t generally entirety. Furthermore, the man who isn’t entire can never be sacred.

The new man is coming, arriving, each day. He is in a minority, it is characteristic – yet the new freaks have arrived, the new seeds have arrived. Furthermore, this century, the finish of this century, is going to see either the passing of all humankind or the introduction of another individual.

What’s more, everything relies upon you. In the event that you remain sticking to the old, at that point the elderly person has arranged all around to submit an extraordinary suicide, an all inclusive suicide. The elderly person is prepared to kick the bucket; the elderly person has lost the get-up-and-go to live.

That is the reason every one of the nations are planning for war. Furthermore, the Third World War will be an absolute war. No one will be a champ, since no one will endure it. In addition to the fact that man will be obliterated all life on earth.



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