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How does wireless charging work

How does wireless charging work

How does wireless charging work…? Charging power through a computer USB adapter or port is still the most commonly used method today, and wireless charging has signaled a new era.

In this article from ScienceABC, we will learn how wireless load works, advantages and disadvantages as well as whether this charging method is safer than the traditional way. How does wireless charging work

How does wireless charging work
How does wireless charging work


What is wireless charging?

  • Induction charging, often called wireless charging, is
  • an electronic device that uses electromagnetic fields to
  • transfer energy from the source to charge batteries or rechargeable batteries.
  • Wireless charging is a type of charger that you
  • don’t need to plug the cable into the smartphone to charge it.
  • Just place it on a special plate or stand to start the charging process.

What do you need for wireless charging?

The first thing you need is a phone that supports wireless charging or wireless charging support if your phone doesn’t help it. The second is a wireless charger.

These small charging pads or chargers come in a variety of shapes and sizes,

ranging from the size of a mouse to a small dish made of furniture, available for several hundred thousand.

What is the induction charger

Inductive charging often referred to like the more popular “wireless charger,” How does wireless charging work

works on the same principles as induction cookers: electromagnetic induction or touch.

Electromagnetic induction is the result of generating an electric current through a wire placed in a reciprocal magnetic field or a moving coil in a static magnetic field.

How does induction charger work?

The induction charger consists of two main induction coils. One is placed in the “charging dock” and is responsible for creating an alternating current from inside. How does wireless charging work

The rest lies in mobile devices that need to be charged like smartphones, tablets, etc.

The coils can be in the form of a flat plate attached to the phone,

a circuit embedded in the phone, or shell cum replacement battery has a charging coil inside.

Together, these two coils form an electrical transformer. When the power supply to the charging dock is turned on, the AC flows through and creates an electromagnetic field (a magnetic field changing) around the primary coil.

When the secondary coil (receiving coil is placed in the smartphone) is close enough this electric current is generated through the loop. How does wireless charging work

The alternating current flow through the coil in the smartphone will be converted into direct current by the collector circuits. Direct current generated in this way will eventually be used to charge smartphone batteries.

Benefits and cons of touch charger

One of the most significant advantages of induction charging is wireless so that users can say goodbye to messy wires. Besides, its connections are covered and protected so that users will experience less risk of electrical errors.

The biggest drawback of induction charging is low efficiency because a large amount of energy is lost as heat. How does wireless charging work 

As a result, the phone will take longer than usual to fully charge the battery. Moreover, the induction charger is more expensive than conventional wired chargers.

Some people also feel that the wireless charger is inconvenient because it must hold the device fixed on the charging dock while charging. Therefore, they cannot use the tool while charging.

However, any difficulty can be overcome, and WiTricity wireless charger is one of them when helping to charge the phone remotely. How does wireless charging work

induction charger safe or not

We tend to fear things that emit “waves” and “signals,” and we always assume they are harmful in some way, such as microwaves, Wi-Fi routers, and even smartphones. However, like most things listed, the induction charger is safe.

The electromagnetic field of the induction charger creates not healthy enough to harm people.

These chargers are even safer than regular chargers because they are not wired,

means you are protected from even the smallest opportunities of suffering an electric shock. How does wireless charging work

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