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How to download instagram photo and video on Android

Downloading Images & Videos from Social network is very effortless. You can download Images and Videos from well-known Social Networks such as Facebook , Twitter etc. The primary goal of downloading Images & Videos from Social Network is for offline use because if you download any these kind of stuffs from Social Network you can use it later or access without internet connection directly to your Android Phone.

Download Instagram Image & Video In Android

You can view the downloaded Image and Video offline, share with your friends as well as you can save it for future use but problems is that not all the Social Networks allow or have option for download that you can save or download Images and Videos as example you can see Instagram has no any options for users to save or download Images and Videos straightly from the APP. So, question may arrise that how to download those Image and Video from instagram? and in this article you can attain technique about how you can download any intagram Images and Videos right to your android phones. If you are willing to know then follow the instructions below to initiate.

How to download Instagram Image and Video in your Android Phone ?

You can’t download any Instagram Image or Video from instagram directly to your android phone, so for that you need extra APPS with Xposed and ROOT along with Modules. With the support of modules in Xposed and Root you can bring incredible tweaks into Instagram which add option for download. have a look down to know what is neccessary before proceed and follow the exact instructions to get that features with the help of Xposed.


# Rooted android phones
# Xposed installed phone
# Busybox installed
# The modules


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well, if you have above things then you can follow the steps as the below instructions. It is not a big deal because we are only going to add some tweaks and modify instagram with the help of xposed in modules have a look at down to start.

  • Download the Modules from the link below and install them but don’t open it now. ( busybox must be installed )

    Xposed need to run the module

    Xposed must intalled

  • After download and install complete of APK, Open Xposed and enable the module in Xposed. See screenshots below to know how to do that.

  • Simply Reboot your android phone. Long press on power button and Click on Restart/Reboot.
  • After reboot, Your module will be activated go the Xinsta APP and don’t make any changes on download location of Image and Video , For me when i changed the location for download it didn’t work at all so i recomment you to set it free as it.
  • Open your instagram and choose any Image/Video and click 3 dot menu and click on download your download will start. For images you can see a square icon down to image click on that icon and save your image.
  • When you have saved or downloaded your favorite Image or Videos you can access it later going to the that Download Folder where it saved.
  • After that you can do what you need. This is all how you can download instagram photi and video with xposed and modules.

REMEMBER: This is only for Educational purpose. This can’t be done without Xposed, to perform this action and bring tweaks in the instagram your android phone must have succefully installed the Xposed Framework. TheLimTECH will not take any serious responsibility for damages and harms that might happens after this, So, take own responsibility and do it on your own risk.

Was interested? Was helpful? then don’t try to leave your precious views below in the comment box, If you have any step that you did not understand or Any errors that you encounter with the download link contact us immeidetely.

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