How to download unlocked version games – 2020

How to download hacked games

How to download  hacked games to play for free. Accessing alternative stores or stores to play stores and app stores is a valid solution for those who want to download hacked games. There are several that can be installed on iPhone and iPad or on Android without necessarily having to resort to the jailbreak or root of the mobile device.

One of the best stores that can be installed on iPhone or iPad without jailbreak is TuTu Helper.

There are two sites to download hacked games
  •  Alternative stores to the App Store and Play Store

    The procedure to get it working on your mobile device is to start Safari and go to the TuTu App website. Select the Regular version and step on Download and then confirm on Install.

  • Wait a few seconds to get TuTu Helper on the Home. If the system highlights an error when you first start, go to Settings> General> Profile and Device Management and give the app developer permission.
    Return to the Home and start the app again. At the first start, you will be asked to install STOOL, a tool to safely use TuTu Helper.  After installing it, proceed to provide the permissions from the Profile and Device Manager before using it. Also, Read How To Download Video From Hotstar.
  • In the end, start STOOL and touch the circle in the middle. Then open TuTu Helper. Download the paid games for free by clicking on Download. The game will appear in the home of your mobile device ready to be used like any other app.
  • FlekStore
  • TweakBox
  • AppValley
Sites like Android Mobile Zone
Download Android hacks games

one of the best sites to download games for free and is Android Mobile Zone. Once you find the game you want to download, tap the Download button. You will be redirected to a hosting service where you can verify the captcha code. Click on Download to download the APK file of the game.

Download iOS hack games

The geeks are able to download games hacked for the iPhone and iPad. First, install the game from the App Store and immediately download the necessary files from the Internet. There are several sites where to find them such as Hack iGame.

Install the iFunbox app on your PC and connect the iOS mobile device with the USB cable. Close the game making sure it is not active in multitasking and with iFunbox brought into the game folder. At this point replace the file with those of the hack and enjoy the game with the benefits unlocked.

IOS files have an IPA extension instead of APK (Android file extension). After finding hacked IPA iOS files you need to get a jailbreak device to get around the limitations imposed by Apple.

If you can not jailbreak, you can resort to an alternative solution that consists of using the Cydia Impactor tool. Connect iPhone to PC and start Cydia Impactor. Then drag the IPA file to Cydia Impactor and enter the Apple ID credentials of your device.

In the end, the application will be installed and will be present on the Home. Before starting it you will have to go to Settings> General> Profile and device management to authorize the new profile.

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