☑️How To Make Someone Moderator on discord?

If you are one of them who has a lot of members on discord, then moderating a discord server is not easy. Handling a hundred discord users can be very much bearable and handling more than that will be a real hassle. To accept new members, silencing members, banning or maintaining other’s activities, a moderator is required.

You should add a trustworthy member, a moderator from your server who will work along with you to maintain the server peacefully. And also, the moderators will also get some of the special permission from other members, So, let’s learn how to assign someone as a moderator as a discord server.

What permission Does a Moderator have?

Before appointing anyone as a Mod, it is important to know how many things can a Mod do on your discord server. A Mod has permission such as-

  • Banning members from the server
  • Kicking members from the server
  • Moving members from the server
  • Mute or Unmute any member of the server
  • Message managing

How to make someone a Mod on discord?

The process of appointing someone as a Mod is easy if you follow the process clearly. It will involve some steps where the whole process is divided into 2 parts:

  • Creating a mod role.
  • Assigning the user to the created role.

#STEP 1: How to create a mod role?

  • Open discord- Open the web version or the discord desktop app on your device. The interface on both app and the web version is exactly the same. So, you can open any of them to create a mod role.
  • Log in to the Discord Server- The next step is to log in on your account. If you are not logged in, then follow the screen instructions to log in on your server. 
  • Open Server Settings-  After logging on to your server, you can see the interface of your discord. See on the top of the left corner of the opening server, you will find the menu option, simply click on that. Now, click on the server settings to open the discord server setting.

Server setting discord

  • Create the New Role- After you will click on the server settings, you will see a new page. Go to the roles tab simply from the left side of the page. You can see the general @everyone role. The tick-marked roles are only applied to everyone on your server. There are also some unchecked boxes where the permissions are very special, you can give it to anyone who you want.

Create a role on discord server

  • Give the role any name- You can name the role as you like. You can also set the name as the Moderator or anything you want. 

Giving a name to the role

  • Select the set of special permission- At last, you will have to select a set of permission that your moderator will have. The permission you are going to check, that permission will the Mod only get. The permissions will define the power of the moderator on the server. 

For example, you can check the Mange Emojis, Manage Roles, View audit log, or manage webhooks, etc.

Now click on the “ save changes option” and now the role will be created with the new set of discord permissions. In this way, you can create roles on discord.  This was only the first part of the process, now let’s assign a person to the created role.

#STEP 2: How to assign a person to that created role?

  • Navigate to the member- First, click on the member tab which is under the user management panel.
  • Assign- You will see the server members on the page, from there select a user which you want to make the Moderator.

After selecting the user click on the three-dot icon and select roles. Now, you can select the boss role or that newly created mod role.

After that, you have successfully selected the user as a Mod on your server. Now, the user can apply any of the permissions you have selected before. The moderator can ban toxic users, delete abusive messages, spam messages and many more. 

Final words:

This is the full guide to appoint any user as a Mod on discord server. From the above steps, you can easily make anyone as a Mod on your server. Comment below if you have any questions or tell us about your experience with this guide. 

Written by Hunter

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