How to make your android phone look like window pc

Have you ever thought that how to make your android phone look like a PC. In your Android you can bring incredible changes without a problem. You can make your android phone look like a Pc of course, it is very easy to make your android phone like a PC with a help of an APP.

how to make android look like pc

You must hava a probably an android phone. as a trendy android user it is aim to have a good looking android phones. you can make your android phone look like a PC, Which will give you outstanding looks to your phone. There are so many apps but here is an idea and App to have a desktop loop in android phone.

This will create desktop in your phone as a Pc and you can adds apps to to shortcut as Pc. Curiosity? Follow this simple tutorial.

How to make your android looks like a PC ?

Turn your android phone as a PC and make your mates amazed. It looks like a you have PC in android phone. It seems more attractive in tablets also good in mobiles. Following steps are enough to make your android look like a PC.

STEP 1 : Download the APP from link below to your android phone. It is an APK so download it first from the link down.

STEP 2 :Install the downloaded apk to your android phone. Click on download apk and install. If your unknown source in locked then follow this to enable unknow source in your phone.

Goto Setting
Unknown Souce and Enbale

STEP 3 : Open the install App and make your default launcher and ADD more and more apps to desktop of the theme. which will give a new look to your android phone which looks like a PC.

pc look in android
Pc looks in Android

This is just a theme which create desktop environment within the main screen which looks like a pc in your android phone. I’m sure if you screenshot none will spot you. So, this is all how to make your android phone looks like a PC and nothing more. If anything wrong happens with the link above leave comments.

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