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How To Root Android Phone Two Method

Rooting Android Phones is now trending. Most of tech lover around the world you can see that they have rooted their android device to have hidden features or modify the core of android with help of root and the functionality after root they get. Root means the access deep files of android and modify all of them as your wish. There are plenty of expedient of root such as first main propose of root is Install The CUSTOM ROMS. , as well as you can remove all the annoyance pre installed apps from your phones, Block the ads from all apps, Increase the phones speed and gain more bettrey life and so on.

Two Way To Root Android

Though, rooting your android phone is very challenging thing because it is highly risky to do. Stuck on logo(bootloop) is the foremost issue of the user that mostly happens while rooting your android phones. so, get rid of from this major issue you should know how to recover from such a situation. You can use any method to root your android phones but today i’m going to tell you about two method to root your android device. This method is not new method but works and most of user follow the same instrucitons and method to root so, have a look down about how you can root your android phones with two simple methods.



How To Root Android Phones?

As we disscuss shortly about benifits after the rooting your phone and the foremost frequently appeared/occured issues after the root. Though if you are willing to root your android phone look at down how you can safetly proceed the steps to root your android phone.

How To Root Android Phone With CUSTOM RECOVERY (TWRP)?

Before rooting with you must have flash the custom recovery on your phones. So, if you have not flashed twrp on your phones you can see how can do that on the internet. if you have installed the custom recovery (twrp), follow the following instruciton to root your android phones.

  • For the first step download file from the link below.

    and place it in a folder ,later that you can access easily.

  • Reboot your phone into recovery mood manually. Power off your device & Press volume up and power button together for a while and release when you see a logo.
  • After rebooted into recovery mode goto INSTALL menu.

  • Select ZIP to install that you downloaded early.

  • Swipe to flash and reboot, now check your root status with root checker.

  • You have successfully rooted your android phone.

That’s all and very simple steps how you can root your device with twrp. Specially this method is done along with when you flash twrp because it is recomended to root after successful installation of custom recovery. This is how you can do with twrp if you have no twrp you can skip and go for another method to root your device with third party apps like kingoroot, kingroot , iroot etc. look at down how you can do it.

How To Root Android Phones With 3rd Party App KingROOT ?

This method is also easy because it just need internet connection to work. follow the instructions below to get secure root method. make sure that your internet connection is working.

  • Go the link below and download the root app KingROOT.

  • Install and open it , Let it check device status such as model etc.

  • Click on start root begin root process.
  • If root successes you will get green tick mark with message that root is succesful.

  • Check your root status with root checker.

This is how you can root with kingroot, While you root your phone with kingroot make sure that you have enable data connection and dont’t turn off until the root complete & one thing to note that your device might auto reboot while rooting so, don’t be panic set it free as it is and don’t proceed any steps until the app asks you.

Note: This is the best top method to root android phone. Though, TheLimTECH recommendS you to do not root your device if you don’t have idea what you are doing and get recover from the problems you get after rooting your android phones. TheLimTech will not be responsible for your harms and damages.

So, well you read how to root your android phones with diffrent two methods. This method works 100% without any faults, if this method did not work for you , You can root your phones with PC. There are so many software for root such as MTK DROID TOOLS, MIRACLE BOX, ODIN, SP FLASH TOOLS & MORE…. Whatever method is not a matter because all the propose is about how you can root your android phones. Thought, it helped you. if anything errors you face with download link and the method narrated let us know in the comment below. we will reply as soon as we deliver.

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