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How to use ntc youtube pack on PC HTTP INJECTER for WINDOWS PC

HTTP INJECTER is a powerfull app that let you to access all of the blocked websites with support of SSH SERVER. not only that it let you modify outgoing requests as well as it runs in non rooted devices which is the one of the best feature of the app. If you can’t visit some sites from your local server than it helps you to tha access those websites with the help of SSH SERVER, It’s a vpn based on ssh server. So, i am going to tell you how to access all the sites from http injecter in Nepal with NTC youtube pack. have a look down to proceed.


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I said in above line that HTTP injecter is a mobile proxy server app and PC PROXY APP which let you to grant access in blocked websites. It needs just ssh server and proxy sever of your network provider to work. Its good option for user that it works in non-rooted devices & it has plenty of some unique features some of basics are described below.

  • Data compression
  • DNS proxy
  • No need root (also work in rooted devices)
  • Support android 2.3 above and For pc all windows versions
  • Power to alter buffering size
  • Server based on SSH server
  • Set own message and manymore..

How to use HTTP INJECTER in Windows PC ?

Above i disscussed in basic about what is HTTP INJECTER and Its some basic features, but the question how to use http injecter may arrise so look down instruction how to use http injecter. This tutorial is based on How to use NTC YOUTUBE PACK in NEPAL with HTTP INJECTER in Windows PC. So, if you are intrested check it down the process.

  • For the first step download Http injecter for windows pc file from the link below and extract.

    Password : a-dev1412

  • after that install the setup file of HTTP INJECTER and wait until it is completed.
  • Then you need to genetate own .HPI FILE or download from the link below.

    Validity: One Week

  • Goto the File>> Import config >> and choose downloaded file and select the file and ok.

  • After successful import in Inject option Untick on tunnel and Tick on LOG. Then in SSH OPTION Select bitvise, PF portable and Last AUTO reconnect.

  • Now buy Youtube pack in NTC SIM dialing *1415# and make your balance zero because if you leave your balance it will charge your main balance.
  • Now Turn Your mobile data on and Goto setting >> Tethering option >> Enable Mobile HotSpot.
  • Now connect your pc to that hotspot turning on wifi.
  • After successful connect to Hotspot open HTTP INJECTER in PC and Start the INJECT and SSH.
  • If you connected it will notify.

  • If you are unable to connect Make your APN: NTWAP and turn your data off and on again and Start IT works.

Note : This is only for educational propose , Thelimtech will not take any resposibility if using of this app harms you. So, first you must be aggree with the terms and conditions of the app before start using it.

This is all how you can connect HTTP INJECTER in your pc with NTC YOUTUBE PACK successfully and start using any APPS with the help of http injecter, Youtube pack only allow you to browse youtube but with the help of HTTP INJECTER you can visit any websites and use any apps without problems. if you have any problems or suggestion you can leave message to me in in facebook visiting this link or this link. You also can leave your comments below.

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