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Natural Buddha Chitta Tree farming to earn more money

The Buddha-Chitta prayer beads originating from Guru Padma Sambava. Sambhava or Guru Rinpoche, who introduced Vajrayana Buddhism to Tibet, was in meditation retreat at the cave of Tongsum Tunda in present-day Kavre District of Nepal, he considered what he could do in a material way for the local people. He could see that they deserved to have peace, happiness and prosperity in future generations, in the interest of benefit for all sentient beings, so in his wisdom and enlightened activity he provided them with a special gift.

Using his power, Guru Rinpoche introduced the unique Buddha-Chitta tree, which produces the exquisite seeds which are ideal for making Buddhist prayer beads or “mala”. This tree, which to this day grows only in that area of Bahra -Temal, Kavre District, indeed brought good fortune for the local people, who still produce the Buddha-Citta prayer beads from its seeds, known locally by the Tamang people as “Phrengba” &”Thengamala”.

If you would like to visit the delightful area where these precious trees grow, to see for yourself how they grow and produce their marvelous seeds, and enjoy the natural beauty and local culture, the Buddhist Tamang village people there are sure to welcome you.

Please contact Mr Lapsang Lama for tour arrangements, and retail or wholesale supply of all grades and sizes of Buddha-Citta beads and Malas. Prices vary according to size and type, eg. two-eye, two to five-eye, three to five-eye, etc.

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