Friday, July 3

New iPhone 12 Exclusive Suddenly Reveals Stunning Apple Upgrade

After all, the differences between the handsets are now smaller than ever

. All four models will have matching designs for the first time with ultra-slim bezels (thank you OLED), the same improved primary and ultrawide cameras and the same new Apple A14 chipset. Differentiators are aluminium Vs stainless steel chassis (the former is cheaper but also lighter), a telephoto lens (walk closer), LiDAR (it looks amazing but adoption will take time) and 5G Vs 5G with mmWave (which will have extremely limited coverage).

The one concern I do have is 120Hz ProMotion support is expected to be an iPhone 12 Pro-exclusive and high refresh rate displays do deliver a tangibly smoother experience. That said, there’s no arguing with Apple’s iPhone 12 price drop – something which looks all the more remarkable with this latest upgrade. So while the iPhone 12 launch is now running late, at this point waiting looks like one of the smartest decisions you’ll make all year.

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