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On-Page SEO in blogger and guide to SEO Optimize for blogger 2020

On-Page SEO is best way to rank your site and optimize your site performance to give you great outcomes with blogger. it will provide you better results in the future. On-Page SEO is really difficult in blogger but when you are successful in On-page Seo then you will have huge outcomes.

It is sure that blogger has no plugins as WordPress has. For SEO there are popular plugins in WordPress such as Yoast Seo is the most important SEO plugins in WordPress. Blogger has no such plugins so, On-page Seo is the unique way to optimize SEO on your blogger website.

on-page seo
On-Page SEO in blogger and guide to SEO Optimize for blogger 2020




On-page SEO will have positive effects on your site. Your site will be ranked at the top of the search results. But on-page SEO is the most difficult and challenging thing for bloggers. blogger has no such a plugin to optimize SEO on your blogger website. So, I have listed some guide-tips down you can look at that and work in a better way. Some of the tips are down.

On-page SEO optimize tips for blogger

I’m going to discuss the main point of how to do an On-page Seoin blogger to optimize the site performance and get them ranked in the short run. I’m have discussed point by point below. Check them and try to understand each point and do better work.

Site Speed

First of all, Your website load speed must be quick. The more your site speed is fast the more your site will be ranked in the short-run. It is the important factor that every blogger should focus on about optimize the speed of their site. A site with low speed will be the reason behind your site ranking in the low position. Check the site speed in Goggle Insights for free in chrome.

Unique URL

before you make a new post set your main keywords in the Permalink. at least try to fill your main keywords in the permalink and make it short as much as you can. putting your keywords in permalink will be a unique way to rank your site.

Keywords on title
When you are writing a new post include your major keywords in the title. As well as you can start writing first paragraphs including your main keywords which might be the tips for you to optimize your website Seo.

Long Content

Try to write at least 500 words if you are writing a new post. Seo becomes unique that long content is always good than compared to short content. Long content is another useful factor that plays an important role to rank your site.

External Links

You can link your site with other high-quality websites. This will create powerful backlinks to your website. That might increase your site quality. Commenting on other websites with high quality will optimize your site performance.

Keywords in the search description

You can have the option to write something special in the search description box. Where you can include the major keywords in the search description. This might increases your site search performance.

Keywords in Paragraph

Include your at least one keywords in first paragraph of your new post. including the main keywords in first line of paragraph has plenty of changes to index your site in search engine in short period.

Media: Photo and Video

Are you adding photos or videos on the posts? then add the photo title and alternative in the attachment with title=”img” , alt=”img” etc. give only one heading with main keywords.

Single Heading


If you are writing a new post I suggest you put only one heading in the posts. Don’t use many headings such as <> , <> , <> , <> etc.

Well, these all the tips and major key points to do On-page SEO in the blogger website. with these all the key points you can increase the site optimization. though, It is not guaranteed that you will get your goal in short run. Keep blogging and stay active & follow the Seo optimize strategy surely you will reach to the target what you were looking for long.

What’re your thoughts in this post. Write anything you want to speak about this post in the comment box below welcomes you.

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