Prakash Saput Badla Barilai on YouTube trending One [ Prakash Saput New Lok Song 2077 ]

Prakash Saput Badla Barilai song is repeatedly became emotional as the pain of the raped woman descended on his creation. Prakash has used not only the words of the song but also the music video to portray the reality of society.

As a result, his song ‘Badla Barilai‘ has spread everywhere. Everyone who watches and listens to the song is emotional. Bitter but truthfully portrayed ‘Badla Barila #1 ON TRENDING on YouTube in Nepal.

Prakash Saput's Badla Barilai
Prakash Saput’s Badla Barilai on Nepal’s YouTube trending One

Currently, her song has been viewed more than 4 million times on YouTube. Prakash Saput had uploaded this music video on his personal YouTube channel a week ago.

Keki Adhikari has played the role of a raped girl in the song with the voice of Devi Gharti. He said that he did not expect that Barila would get so many views from the audience until the music video was made.

Earlier, his songs including Galbandi, Bolmaya, Dohori Batal also hit on YouTube. Prakash Saput, who is releasing songs through his own YouTube channel, is becoming a shining example for contemporary artists.

He says that the success and failure of every song are now determined by technology. “In fact, technology is driving the music business,” he says.

Badala Barilai Song Audio Credits:-

  • Vocal:- Devi Gharti
  • Chorus Vocal:- Smriti Shahi Sunitami Pariyar
  • Lyrics / Music:- Prakash Saput
  • Music Arrangement / Mixing / Background Music / Sound Design:- Shyamswet Rasaily
  • Recording Studio:- Prism Recording Studio
  • Recordists:- Anil Adhikari Kiran BK

Badala Barilai Song Video Credits:-

  • Concept / Director:- Prakash Saput
  • Creative Director:- Devendra Bablu
  • Artists:- Keki Adhikari Dhruba Koirala Hiuwala Gautam Arjun Acharya Bhadra Kunwar Sandhya Gautam Baral
  • Child Artists:- Brisha Baral Ejuliya Acharya
  • Director of Photography (DOP):- Anil Krishna Manandhar
  • Camera Assistants.:- Himal Sharma Milan Katuwal Sarjun Rai
  • Photography:- Sunil BK
  • Publicity Design:- Pawan Simkhada
  • Title Animation:- Uttam Kumar Karki
  • Visual FX:- Milan BK
  • Colorist:- Dinson Shah
  • Visual Editor:- Prabin Bhatta
  • Technical Chief:- Rajendra Aryal
  • Makeup:- Dipson Pariyar
  • Hair:- Muna Shrestha
  • Field Technical Coordinators:- Subas Gajmer Raj Lama
  • Production Manager:- Nirmal Neupane Bishal Ghimire
  • Kitchen:- Kumar
  • Post Production:- BP Films Nepal

Prakash Saput new song Badala Barilai | Devi Gharti, Keki Adhikari | New Lok Song 2077

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