Do you have strategic life plan??

Do you have strategic life plan??


Do you have strategic life plan?? Don’t u think why do u need it? In 20 years u will grow 20 years older. At that time will you be better? Simply lets breakdown our plan with the term name value. And break it through each words. First one V= vision: the thing what do u see is vision. What do you see about your future is vision.

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When you begin to visualized your future, then at that moment you will see the thing in the fresh way. A=achieve: what do you wanna achieve in your life? The thing u want most the thing which u like to have badly. L=Learn: what you gonna learn and how will you learn. How you may be the perfect person you must think of this. U:you: you is what will you begin to understand your life in a fresh new way. E:experience: what are the experience that you intend to have? When you look at this term value try to look at your life after some time which will take place.

Try to think what is that i am going to do with my value and what will be the change? Keep a thought remembering your present. Think about future what may occur. During the life timeline looking at your value you can predict the change of your outcome. No-one remain same everybody should grow older. You need strategic life plan to drive your path into good future.

At the end schedule atime for two or three hours toward the week’s end to survey in any event one of these systems in detail. At that point make a short activity plan that you can actualize rapidly. Notwithstanding making a North Star objective for the year, it very well may be monstrously valuable to make one for as long as you can remember. At that point make a basin rundown of venturesome objectives you might want to achieve along your voyage.

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