How To Control Your Mind?

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According to the Monk Dandapani, first thing you should learn is the way how the mind works. Because when you know how your mind works then you can control it. When you can control it, you can concentrate it, unless you focus on something you don’t understand. Everything in life has got chance to do something. Nobody is pointing Gun on your head. Don’t listen other listen yours inner voice. You have certain amount of energy u need to divide it wisely for everything between all the people and the thing which you love.

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Law of thermodynamics states energy can be transfer from one form to another similarly you have to transfer your energy to the form which suit best. don’t let your energy transform into wastes. And you need to know where you are dividing your energy. You should have the same view to energy which you have like money. Average person sleeps about 7 to 8 hours a day. So you will be awakened 16 hours a day. Out of 16 hours lets assume 13 hours we are at practice. And then you wonder how you are good at it. That’s the law of practice. Practice makes man perfect. Law of practice is that we become good whether it is positive or negative it wont matters.

If you practice over and over then you will get mastered in that thing, that’s why you are so good at distraction. It is so because it’s what you practice most. And we says thing like Technology are great dis tractors. Technology itself is a good thing its actually a beautiful thing as long as we become charge of it. Drive it by you not by it. Every time your phones make a sound you go and watch once what is in inbox, what is the notifications, yes it is the world of distraction. It’s training you to get distracted and you have been practicing.

Keep in focus of mind at one thing at once. Life is a manifestation where your energy is flowing. And if you cant concentrate on your energy then the thing which you desire become challenging. So learn by concentrating one thing at a time. Make this habit that you practice it throughout the day. Make it a part of life.

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