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Submitted by: Naseef Umar


I feel massive delight thus glad to compose here. I am appreciative thus thankful to Rhonda and The Secret group for making mine and numerous others lives so brilliant. I read ‘The Secret’ a year prior as my uncle mentioned me to do. I was overly eager to peruse the book and I kept the book with me consistently. At whatever point I have a craving for understanding it, I simply open some irregular pages and read them..

A year ago while I was concentrating in my third year and before graduation, subsequent to perusing The Secret, I made a note in my versatile. The note was for the sum from my future first activity. I composed ‘my first pay = 6500 Saudi Riyal’. I likewise expounded on how I would spent it when I got it. I never saw that note a while later and I made a guarantee to myself that I would open that note just once I landed my first position.

What’s more, today the time has arrived. I completed my graduation. I didn’t go after any grounds situations, remembering that Indian organizations don’t give great pay for freshers like me. In this way, I came here to Saudi and I went to my first meeting yesterday. I was dumbstruck when the administrator disclosed to me the pay they would offer me. It was a similar sum that I had written in my note a year back!!

I am hopping out of bliss and I can not prevent myself from sharing my story it here. You rock Rhonda. I generally trust the LOA. You rock to ‘The mystery’. I am out of words.

Secret Story

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