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WorldLink 5G router full speed internet with Net TV for free [5G In NEPAL]

WorldLink has recently launched the Worldlink 5G Router offer. The company, which has launched WiFi 5G for the first time in Nepal, has made a special offer for it. Under the offer, the company has prepared various plans. It will cost Rs 1,550 to connect 30 Mbps internet for one month. In which Net TV standard can be obtained free of cost on television and mobile app for one month.

WorldLink 5G router
WorldLink 5G router

The company has fixed Rs 4,500 for three months and Rs 15,000 for one year. The company has stated that the net TV standard will be available for free in all these packages so that it can be used on both television and mobile.

Now the internet is not running at full speed even when it is close to the router. Most of the users are complaining that the service provider is not giving the required internet speed even when taking the high bandwidth internet package.

First time in Nepal, WorldLink 5G

The problem of slow bandwidth even when the bandwidth is high and Wi-Fi not being picked up even at some distance has become like a common problem of urban users. According to WorldLink 5G has been introduced as a solution to this kind of problem. The company has completed three months of testing and has started providing 5G band routers to all its customers as a package. Nokia’s dual-band router can transmit two signals. One of which supports 5 GHz and the other 2.4 GHz frequency band. Tenzing Segal, marketing manager of the company, said that the customers of this dual-band router can use WiFi at 5 GHz when it is close and in 2.4 GHz band when it is far.

Why is the current WiFi slow?

WiFi slow running is a common problem for many. If you are in the city, when you turn on WiFi on mobile and laptop, it shows all the WiFi signals around. All routers currently on the market are based on 2.4 GHz. In which even many channels are few. When several routers in the same band are running at close distances, signals are colliding with each other. This causes the problem of the internet not working properly. The WiFi Analyzer app lets you know which signal your WiFi signal is competing with. But even routers at 5 GHz are low. \

Since there are relatively many supporting channels, the Internet can be used at full speed. In fact, telecommunication technology and WorldLink 5G router are not the same technology. In fact, the company has started branding it as a 5 GHz router as it runs on a 5 GHz router. Usually, the market price of this router is around 10 thousand. But the company has made the offer public so that this router can be used in a regular package. WorldLink now offers two types of routers.

There is a rental charge of Rs 2,500 for a single band router and Rs 5,500 for a dual-band 5G router. The new and old customers of the company can use this router in the regular package for a fixed rental charge, said Chogel, Marketing Manager. He said, “Rental charges for routers will be cheaper for customers who opt for high-speed internet packages.” But 5G router’s WiFi may not be supported on all mobile devices. Only the latest new devices have a system that can support this router. The company estimates that 60 percent of the devices currently on the market support the WiFi of the 5G router.


WorldLink 5G Plans & Pricing

30 Mbps No. of TVs SafeNet Time Back WiFi Mobility Price
1 Month 1 TV Rs. 1,550/-
3 Months 1 TV Rs. 4,500/-
12 Months 1 TV Rs. 15,000/-
40 Mbps No. of TVs SafeNet Time Back WiFi Mobility Price
1 Month 2 TVs Rs. 1,850/-
3 Months 2 TVs Rs. 5,450/-
12 Months 2 TVs Rs. 17,500/-
60 Mbps No. of TVs SafeNet Time Back WiFi Mobility Price
1 Month 3 TVs Rs. 2,200/-
3 Months 3 TVs Rs. 6,450/-
12 Months 3 TVs Rs. 22,000/-

Setup Charges For New Customer

Speed 5G WiFi Router Rental Drop Wire Charges Deposit
30 Mbps Rs. 5500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
40 Mbps Rs. 4500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-
60 Mbps Rs. 4500/- Rs. 500/- Rs. 500/-

Setup Charges For Existing Customer

Speed 5G Router Rental
(30/40/60)Mbps Rs. 3000/-


  • Customers in the Gold Plans can shift only within other Gold Plans.
  • Refundable deposit will be returned only upon returning the router in working condition.
  • Fair Usage Policy is applicable in Unlimited Plans.
  • Above mentioned plans are exclusively for residential purpose only and shall not be resold or used for business purpose.
  • TSC is included in Internet Service Charge.
  • VAT is extra.

For More details please visit WorldLink

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