Friday, July 3

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Wanbo T2 Free Projector priced at 599 yuan (~$85)

Xiaomi crowdfunds the Wanbo T2 Free Projector priced at 599 yuan

Xiaomi has launched a new projector under the Youpin crowdfunding platform. Dubbed Wanbo T2 Free Projector, it carries an affordable price tag of 599 yuan (~$85).Wanbo T2 Free Projector

The Wanbo T2 Free Projector has a 150 ANSI lumen light source and is compatible with 1080 pixel resolution. The device can project on screen sizes ranging from 40 – 120 inches from a distance of 1.5-3.0 meters. The projector will need to be focused manually and the scrolling button to do that is located at the rear. It also supports ±40° vertical keystone correction.Wanbo T2 Free Projector

Projectors are known to be affected by dust especially when it settles on the lens, causing black spots on the screen and poor heat dissipation in the optical part. The Wanbo T2 Free uses a fully enclosed internal circulation heat dissipation optical machine technology. The design can completely eliminate the impact of the buildup of dust on the optical path and thus extend the lifespan of the projector.Wanbo T2 Free Projector

In addition, the projector uses diffuse reflection technology. Compared with self-illumination imaging, diffuse reflection imaging is softer thus exerting less strain on the eyes when viewed for a long time.

The Wanbo T2 Free Projector is equipped with two 3W speakers located at the left and right side. There is also a turbo fan inside the projector that circulates the heat inside the machine and dissipates the heat of the LCD screen from the inside of the device. The two fans inside the fuselage guide the airflow from the rear radiator and chip processor Pass, thereby prolonging the life of the LED lamp. With good heat dissipation, the life of the LED bulb is up to 20,000 hours.

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