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YouTube Delete Channels Uploading Duplicate Content

YouTube Delete Channels Uploading Duplicate Content

YouTube Delete Channels Uploading Duplicate Content On October 10, YouTube updated creators’ video monetization program youtube partner program (YPP) operational policy and may delete channels if creators receiving monetization are uploading duplicate content And it was announced in the help forum.

  • As an example that YouTube believes uploading duplicate content, the following contents are cited.
  • Automatically generated (looks like) content
  • Quotation from a third party source without including the creator’s additional explanation or narration
  • If the video is uploaded many times by multiple users and the creator is not the original video creator
  • Uploaded in a way that is trying to circumvent Google’s copyright tools
  • The point to be aware of is that even if you are clearing the rights of the original content if you do not comply with YouTube’s policy, it will be treated as duplicate content. For example, when uploading a movie of the purpose of explaining the super game of the game, upload almost whole raw super movie and image which seems to be caught in such a way that “title is amazing” in title and explanation text.
    YouTube Delete Channels Uploading Duplicate Content

YouTube explains that this policy change is part of ongoing efforts to protect creators against abuse of content and contributes to improving the value of the original content by videos created by creators If there is, it is said that there is a possibility of being subject to the monetization program. An example of this was the creator’s own commentary on the original content, educational value, cases where high-quality editing was added, and so on. In essence, without adding value itself by themselves, it has become difficult to raise the content value of other people ‘s content and make profits.

A creator whose channel was deleted due to this policy change can re-apply monetization within 30 days by deleting or updating the video corresponding to the duplicated content. In YouTube, including the channel of the currently pending the YPP, it shows the intention to apply this policy to all of the channels in the prospect of the end of the year.

The YouTube video sharing platform was attacked by a participation on the company’s official help forum, content creators who publish duplicate content, and announced that they have redoubled their efforts to reduce violations in YouTube’s YPP program, particularly refined content. Of content is a violation of the platform’s publishing policy, and content creators should be cautious about duplicate content or upload someone else’s content within their channel because YouTube may revoke partnership privileges. The YouTube relationship with content makers has always been asymmetrical. The platform alone has all the power and is not too transparent about the changes it makes that affect people who rely on the site to make profits. For example, in January, manufacturers Content entering the YPP program now needs at least 4,000 hours of views last year and at least 1,000 subscribers.

YouTube Delete Channels Uploading Duplicate Content
YouTube Delete Channels Uploading Duplicate Content

According to the clarification, new or old partners within the Partner Program who violate the new rules for duplicate content will face penalties for channel removal, and the YouTube Partner Program allows YPP content creators to obtain funds through ads displayed on their videos and through subscribers YouTube Premium who watch their content. The platform explained that these changes are an attempt to protect content creators from violations such as piracy, and YouTube provided an explanation of the quality of the content contained in videos that violate its new standards, including videos that appear to have been created automatically, pulled from third-party sources Without adding the content maker to any content or listing.

Videos uploaded multiple times by multiple users and not uploaded by the content maker by the content maker violate their new standards, as well as uploaded videos in a way that the content maker tries to circumvent the copyright platform tools. If you are a content maker on YouTube and want to monetize your content, you should be eligible to enter the Partner Program, although there is some confusion about how to join already accepted channels in the Partner Program. Program partners – both new and existing – are carefully monitored on a regular basis to ensure that they meet WFP policies. The quality of content that the platform is currently trying to narrow down does not necessarily relate to copyright problems. YouTube explicitly states that even if the content maker has the necessary licenses to use content or videos protected by copyright laws and is subject to fair use, The channel from the Partner Program for uploading content to its channel has not added it if the main purpose of the channel is to monetize the content.

In order to avoid duplicate content when using third-party content, partners must “add value” to the video, such as valuable comments, constructive criticism, or added educational value, and the platform attempts to effectively control the quality of the content. She explained that YouTube partners who have been removed due to duplicate content can either remove or update their videos so that all the content of the channel is in line with the program policies. After doing so, they can re-apply for the program within 30 days. Content who are still under review make these decisions by the end of the year.

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