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YouTube removed 10.8 million videos using AI That Against YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies.

Social media like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter have been harassed by fake content. Recently, YouTube, with the full support of Artificial Intelligence, has started removing videos uploaded against YouTube Community Guidelines & Policies.

YouTube removes videos using AI
YouTube removes videos using AI

YouTube removed 11.4 million videos in the second quarter of this year (April-June). Of these, YouTube removed 10.8 million videos that have been removed using AI, according to YouTube.

According to YouTube’s policy, the company was able to automatically remove harmful videos using AI. The company has clarified that the videos had to be removed based on the complaints received about the videos and its own evaluation.

YouTube had previously removed less than 9 million videos in 2019. The company estimates that more videos have been removed this year than last.

YouTube is also vigilant to prevent child protection, spam and violence, the statement said. YouTube has been tightening its standards and guidelines following growing criticism that the popularity of social networking sites has grown exponentially.

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