Best YouTube Vanced alternatives for Android

Third-party popular youtube client vanced for android has been discontinued as the developers have posted their official message through their Twitter and discord as now the download links for vanced are not available.

vanced was good for listening to music as well as for blocking ads as in their new feature users were able to see dislikes too which was removed from youtube.

youtube vanced discord

The remaining features of vanced were :

  • Dark mode support
  • sponsor skipping
  • Control over video resolutions
  • Downloading video

As the service is now discontinued it will eventually stop working so many users may be searching for alternatives of Youtube vanced so, we have already researched you can download these any try out if it works for you:

YouTube Vanced Alternatives

What is the best alternative of youtube vanced ? Then as for now newpipe is one of the alternative as it contains several features such as adblocking,PIP mode,dark mode so you can give it a try


NewPipe is an app that you can download from F-Droid to your phone if it doesn’t have Google Services installed. It will work even when running on newer Huawei devices without the need for any framework libraries or YouTube API access!

new pipe alternative of vanced

The app has an ad-free interface that allows you to watch videos and save them or play in the background with your phone turned off. You can force video quality on what’s playing, use picture-in-picture mode for when we want something else while still watching a specific clip at another time – it is quite handy!

Features NewPipe App

  • Google Play Services is not required.
  • You can adjust the video quality, and it’s easy to do so.
  • Download the video and audio in a variety of resolutions.
  • You may use the video as a pop-up screen for multitasking.
  • Play the video in the background while doing other things.
  • It’s lightweight and takes up little storage space on your device.


SkyTube is a simple and functional video player with Google YouTube. It was recently released, but now offers an interesting set of features that not only play videos but also allow you to comment on them underneath in the SkyTubers platform!


The app doesn’t require an account with Google; however, it does have some cool features like being able to view both posted content as well as shared networks within the same interface!

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Main SkyTube features:

  • Open videos from Featured and Most Popular lists
  • view YouTube channels
  • Play videos from youtube
  • Block ads
  • View comments from youtube videos
  • Find your music, videos as well as channels

Ad-blocking DNS

If you want to stick with the core YouTube experience and don’t need an app, this is your best bet. However be aware that it does not work 100% of the time for people who use both apps or websites on their phone—you may see some ads from time to time if they stream video via a mobile website browser instead!

Now, when you think of blocking ads and protecting your device from malware; isn’t it natural to want the best protection possible? If so then we’ve got some good news for all those who love streaming videos on YouTube or using other apps that show advertisements.

There is now an ad-blocking DNS service available that will allow users ultimate peace knowing they’re protected while browsing online!

There are plenty of ways you can get an ad-blocking DNS setup on your device. You could use Next DNS or AdGuard, both free services with simple installations that will help keep track of all the ads popping up in various places throughout the internet and block them from reaching their destinations without any hassle.


Conclusion :

I hope you have got best alternative for youtube vanced and if you have any other best alternative then let us know we would also love to try out.

You can join their discord for following up as i think they might release another vanced lets see.If you have any issue which installing those apps let us know we will try to fix it out and let us know about your thoughts in comments!

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