☑️How to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft?[Full guide with video]

In this tutorial, we will learn how to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft using Minecraft pumpkin or pumpkin pie command at first let’s see what Minecraft.

Minecraft is such a game which is being popular every day among different generation people especially for the youngster in this pandemic situation because in this situation everyone is sitting at their home and they are free so they want to pass their time by playing games watching movies etc.

But lots of people don’t have high specs or good quality pc so they want such a game which can run in very low graphic and Minecraft is one of those game which can run in very low specs pc mobile or laptop so it is getting in the hype. According to the blog of Minecraft, their download has been increased in massed amount in this pandemic situation.

Available platforms for Minecraft:

We all know Minecraft is all most supported in all the platform like windows Linus mac or box etc. but some features are unique so they are supported in some of the particular platforms also but now we are going to tell you on which platform pumpkin pie is supported their list is given below.

Edition Platform Available
Java Edition Windows, Mac & Linux PC’s Yes
Bedrock Edition Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS, Android, Fire OS, Windows 10 PC’s Yes
Education Edition Mac, iOs 12, Windows 10 PC’s Yes
PlayStation Edition PS3 & PS4 Yes

Why Minecraft is best for home gardening?

you guys may be thinking why mine craft but let me tell you it is such a game that is very easy to use and in Minecraft, you can create your world or anything that you want to create. and if you are new tab  Minecraft that I am pretty sure that you are facing lot’s of problem in Minecraft

To do something like creating a homemaking garden or making pumpkin but don’t worry we are here to help you we will guide you everything about Minecraft because we can understand your issues and sometimes we were also new at it so we all guide you about every feature of Minecraft in the upcoming day. But today we are going to talk about A Minecraft Pumpkin Pie 2021.

How to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft?

We all know pumpkin is a food that we eat or do something in our real daily life and in Minecraft also Pumpkin pie is a food item that you can easily create it and now you may think what is the main feature of this pumpkin pie.

let me tell you Pumpkin pie functions is like a simple and normal food product, a single pumpkin pie can be eaten once, unlike Cake which needs to be placed on a block before consumption. And you can also buy pumpkin pie in Minecraft from framer because in Minecraft framer produce it and sell the pumpkin pie also you can grow beetroot in Minecraft.

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Where can we find pumpkin pie in the creative Mode mode of Minecraft?

Finding something in any mode of Minecraft is really easy but here we are going to tell you where you can easily find pumpkin pie in the creative Mode mode of Minecraft.

Java, PE, Xbox, PS, Nintendo, Win10, Edu, etc.

How Can I craft pumpkin pie in the survival mode of Minecraft?

Crafting pumpkin pie in the survival mode of Minecraft is really easy and any kind of newbie or even a kid also creates it so let’s start.

#step1 :

At first, open your crafting table and after that, you need to craft a table 3×3 gride which should look like this.

How To Make Pumpkin Pie

#step 2:

Now after creating a 3×3 gride or you can also say table you should see the crafting area which is made of a 3×3 crafting grid. now to make pumpkin pie in Minecraft you need to put the item in that 3×3 gride which is 1 pumpkin 1 egg and 1 sugar.

#step 3:

But here you need to note something while placing that sugar pumpkin and egg you need to put in the serial which is shown in the below figure or I mean to say in the same pattern.

How To Make Pumpkin Pie In Minecraft 2021?

#step 4:

You need to put that item in this pattern at first you need to put pumpkin and sugar in the second and egg in the last or third box.

step 5:

After you do all this I mean when you put all this after some time pumpkin pie will appear in the box which is on the right side of that 3×3 grid.

#step 6:

Now when you complete this process you need to move your pumpkin pie into inventory. After moving it to inventory you have successfully created the pumpkin pie in Minecraft.

How To Make Pumpkin Pie Video Tutorial:

Frequently Asked  Question about pumpkin pie in Minecraft

  • what is the command for pumpkin pie in Minecraft java edition

The command code or line for pumpkin pie in Minecraft java edition is /give @p pumpkin_pie 1

  • Is pumpkin pie a good food in Minecraft?

pumpkin pie is really good food to take or eat in Minecraft. because it restores 8 hunger points in Minecraft.

  • Is pumpkin pie better than steak Minecraft?

It all depends upon person to person according to personal thinking but in my point of view, pumpkin pie is better than steak in Minecraft because pumpkin pie can heal or restore 8 hunger points which is dam good to survive in Minecraft.


Now at last what I like to say to you is that of course Minecraft is a low-end game but please don’t underrate it because till now I have not seen such a game that can run in low spec pc and with its unique features. and now after this article, if you still have some doubts or quires then feel free to comment down we will try our best to reply and clear your doubts.

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