5+ Best Dark Fantasy Games

Dark fantasy has promptly turned into one of the most preferred genres in today’s gaming society. The genre covers a plethora of experiences from horror-tinged games to more traditional high fantasy games.

Commonly dark games take an extra gothic, creepy, or putting at risk ruin feel to the tale or world-building. Frequently the dark fantasy game supplies you with even more laid-back tones and narrative beats with characters that might focus on a single goal of saving or conquering the world.

We have compiled a list of the best dark fantasy games for you to download and enjoy. Make sure you have a reliable internet connection, such as Xtream, before downloading. To access high-speed internet at budget-friendly prices, dial the Xtream Internet number and find a plan that best fits your gaming requirements. 

Best Dark Fantasy Games

1. Sekiro


The player of Sekiro is immediately thrown into a war-torn area of Japan. As a true shinobi, stay in the shadows and crush your opponents with skill and a variety of secret ninja techniques.

Use the Shinobi Prosthetic to improve mobility and customize how you deal with opponents. The Shinobi Prosthetic and grappling hook allow for a few of the most functional motions in the game.



A fantasy Elven city serves as the setting for the stealth experience game Styx: Fragments of Darkness. Styx is a maestro of hidden action who resembles a demon. As you explore spooky, abandoned villages, a variety of outdoor landscapes, and dull mansions, you may feel dark fantasy feelings.

You must concentrate on staying hidden in the shadows and eliminating enemies at a distance in this stealth gameplay. Although Styx can fight, his fighting skills are far inferior to those of his sneaking techniques. 

3. Darkness Rises

Darkness Rises

One of the top Android RPG games available is called Darkness Rises. You are drawn into the gameplay by the video game console-like graphics and plot. Defeating the orcs who have brought the apocalypse to your planet and are on their way to take your kingdom, the only stand of humanity, is the main goal of the game.

In the beginning, you select between four various personalities, each having their powers as well as combinations. The Android game enables you to tailor your personality by changing skin tone, brows size, and a lot more. 

In general, a fantasy game is fairly fascinating. The very best component of the game is the programmer’s reduced focus on in-app acquisitions.

4. Vampyr


You take on the role of renowned blood transfusion physician Dr. Jonthan Reid, who is a vampire. Vampyr is a pure creation of dark fantasy that takes place in late 19th-century London. This game is about the supernatural in a gothic setting, even though it does not have the high fantasy cliches that continue in countless other comparable video games.

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In this video game, you can decide whether you want to cluelessly drink the blood of ordinary people or follow a more moral path. You must make your own decision, and then anyone you make will undoubtedly impact the story.

5. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon takes the player right into threat with a team of travelers. It will take wit as well as wisdom to endure this harmful surface. Always be prepared and do your best to maintain your sanity down in those dark depths. A magnificent, as well as frightening art design, draws the gamer right into the action. 

Rogue-like elements maintain the activity feeling fresh even after hundreds of hours of gameplay. Captivating, if not a little dark, characters truly bring the dark world to life.

6. Darkness of Mordor 

Darkness of Mordor 

Get into the legendary world of Middle Earth, house to the Lord of the Rings collection. Gamers take control of Talion who, with the help of a strange phantom, now has an undying curse to dismantle the orc myriads of Sauron. Fight for liberty, defend honor, as well as defend against Sauron’s Black Hand. A branding system suggests you can catch as well as command the enemy hordes to do your bidding. 

7. Shadow Heart

Shadow Heart

Yuri plays the main character in Shadow Heart, a dark, horror-themed role-playing game from the PS2 generation, as he makes his way through a variety of innovative fantasy destinations to save his love from dark misery. 

Remember, make no mistake, the first Darkness Hearts is a terrifying RPG from top to bottom, but it also contains enough classic adventure tropes to keep it as a sub-genre. 

The Judgement Ring system, in which turn-based battles are conducted by choosing a spot on a ring that can either enhance or degrade your attacks and skills, is among the game’s most unique and enjoyable features.

Final Thought

The dark fantasy genre integrates the most effective journey style, and plot lines, dark and gloomy cosmos. If you want to immerse yourself in a dark world, the above-mentioned games are a way to achieve that. 

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