Best SnowBoard Themes for iOS 14-15

Theming your iOS device has never been easier. Snowboard is a lightweight theming engine that provides the framework for installing the different Themes on any jailbroken or not-jailbroken Device running iOS 7 and later versions of Apple’s mobile operating system!

Here in this post, you will get some of the best snowboard themes for ios 7-13 or 14, so without delay, let’s begin.

What is SnowBoard?

What is SnowBoard

Snowboard is a third-party app store for iOS devices. It was created by saurik, the developer of Cydia. SnowBoard lets you download and install themes, apps, and tweaks unavailable in the App Store. It is similar to Cydia because it uses repositories to store the files for download.

However, it does not require a jailbreak to use. This makes it a popular choice for those who want to customize their iOS devices without jailbreaking.

In addition, it is constantly updated with the latest versions of apps and adds tweaks, making it a great choice for those who want to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the jailbreak community.

How to install Themes with SnowBoard on iOS 14 and below

Step 1: Open Cydia


Step 2: To install a snowboard theme, go to the Search menu and search for the name of the snowboard theme you want to install. [Check out our suggestions for popular and excellent snowboard themes below]

SnowBoard themes

Step 3: Download any of the SnowBoard themes you like and tap Install.

Step 4: From the SnowBoard settings page, tap “Themes,” then “Apply a theme from a file.” Select the downloaded Theme and apply it to your Snowboard.

SnowBoard settings

We’ve got the best and most popular snowboard themes for your iOS 14-15. All these great-looking apps are listed here in zero-order, so enjoy!

Video guide on Install Themes On iOS 14

Best SnowBoard Themes for iOS 14-15

1. Elysian

Price: $2.49

Repo: Packix

elysian snowboard theme

Elysian is a fresh take on the classic iOS look with more than 300 icons. There are 40 alternatives when you need something different or want to make your style statement!

There are also custom-made settings Icons so that this site will work just fine no matter what kind of machine is powered by Apple’s software.

And lastly, our simply gorgeous mask is perfect not only in heraldic terms but also because it has become an international symbol representing cannabis culture overall.

This iOS theme offers a creative and engaging experience with frequently updated icons.

2. Viola

Price: $1.99

Repo: Packix


Viola is a stunning, simple, and modern iOS Theme designed with care to replace your stock look. It has an amazing color palette that will make you want more than just the typical black or white backgrounds on phones!

With 2000+ icons available in all shapes plus sizes and 80 alternative images, if they don’t fit any other category, this app has everything anyone could need when designing their own mobile experience.

They have added some new features, including Viola Mask Mode (with red font), which gives whatever image behind it a serious attitude while still delicately arranged around its outlines, perfect for violent games requiring Cuties to look more menacing than ever.

Furthermore, they’ve also changed our logo to reflect better who we are: an iOS theme company focusing on making things people will love using!


Price: Free

Repo: Twickd


NookPhone is the perfect Theme for anyone who loves Animal Crossing: New Horizons. This colorful, crisp design transforms your iPhone into a handheld gaming system with over 200 icons that make it look like you’re playing in this fun virtual world!

4. Felicity Pro


Felicity Pro is not your average, run-of-the-mill happy Theme. It has over 700+ vibrant colors and gradient icons designed to make you smile!

The new redesign provides deeper shadows for each icon while maintaining its sharpness compared to the old stock design, making them easier on the eyes than ever!

5. Desa

Price: $1.99

Repo: Packix

desa theme

The Desa theme is inspired by the iMac G4, which replicates its transparent and stylish look bringing it to a digital world.

The new features include 464 icons with 70alt variants for those who want something more unique or classic-looking!

You can also change your badges from static images every time you open chat bubbles on-demand and have an awesome boot logo that will get updated soon.

6. Thine

Price: Free

Repo: Packix

thine theme
thine theme

Thine is a beautifully crafted geometric theme with abundant colors and icons. Every detail has been carefully considered to offer you the best user experience possible on your iOS device!

The Thine team wants our users’ interfaces to look good and feel great too, which means we’re always adding new features like vibrant backgrounds or custom Badges for Birthdays and top existing ones, such as changing system logos each day for special occasions.

7. Chroma

Price: Free

Repo: Dynastic

chroma snowboard theme
chroma snowboard theme

The Chroma gradient theme for your iPhone is an amazing way to spice up without going over the top. This colorful, vibrant design comes with 450 icons and 70 alternate ones, so you can find what suits you best while still being true to form in style!

You also get two icon masks that will change how each app looks on launch or, when clicked through from notifications, turn one into a film strip effect if desired; alternatively, choose between subtle flat colors (which may be more suited towards business uses) by selecting “No Mask.

8. Peek

Price: Free

Repo: Packix

peek snowboard theme latest
peek snowboard theme’s latest

Peek takes on a different approach to design by displaying what’s most prominent in an app. Reddit’s icon shows posts with upvotes and downvoted ones, just like how Maps displays location blips as icons for its namesake product, the mobile version of Google Maps!


Price: Free

Repo: Packix

ThineWhite theme
ThineWhite theme

ThineWhite is the most minimalist and clean icon pack you’ll ever see. With 600+ handcrafted white icons, it will be perfect for your next project or as an everyday reminder to stay focused on what’s important in life!

ThineWhite is a beautiful and lightweight icon pack with 600 icons in 256×256 resolution, alternative ones for those who don’t like the standard ones or need something different. It’s easy to use, thanks to its flat design that fits perfectly on any screen size!

10. Nightlight

Nightlight snowboard ios theme
Nightlight snowboard ios theme


Nightlight is a true iOS-style Dark Mode theme that adds Native darkness to your Home Screen. It stays true to the dark mode implemented in Apple’s latest operating system by using similar colors and styles as before, with one major difference: it applies across every app on an iPhone or iPad instead of just some select ones!

With Night light active, you get glyphs from stock apps (like those found within Settings), bright white backgrounds reminiscent of MacBook Pro outputs during nighttime hours, and even imitate how light grey table separators surround each other icon giving users exactly what they want when browsing through their device.

11. Blind

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

Blind theme for ios

The Blind Theme comes with two themes in one package, Light and Dark versions. Each has a unique design to match your iOS device’s color scheme perfectly!

There are more than 380 icons that will be updated regularly, so you can always have the latest version on there, too- no matter what software update takes place next year or how old yours is!


Price: Free

Repository: Dynastic

kindaStockios theme download
kindaStockios theme download


Theming your iOS device has never been easier! With the help of kinda stock, you can have a fresh new look while staying true to Apple’s original design. Every icon in this Theme is carefully crafted with love and attention for those who want their devices to look just right.

KindaStock is a beautiful and modern iOS 14 snowboarding theme with over 200 themed icons and icon shadows you can enable from the snowboard extension.

It includes 50 alternative versions of those same images as well! It has some cool features like soft badges for notification checks or customizing your app drawer background image at any time without updating all apps.

13. echoes

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

echoes theme

Echo is a theme that aims to be beautiful and crisp. Every icon was crafted with care, from the ground up, for each one of them to have its unique look while still maintaining an appealing blend between popping colorful gradients as well as handcrafted graphic design; everything comes together seamlessly thanks to its sophisticated color palette, which provides depth without feeling overwhelming on-screen or printer-friendly format!

The Echo theme is a modern, intuitive user interface that will make your app stand out. The blur effect gives depth perception to the eyes while maintaining a frosted glass effect for apps like Facebook or Instagram on iOS 11+.

With 534+ themed icons in this lightweight yet powerful pack with plenty of alternate Icons, you’ll never run short when designing custom themes!

14. Akin

Price: Free

Repository: Twickd

Akin theme ios

The free stock-like iOS theme with colors and dark icons is called Akin. One of those best snowboard themes for your device is awesome!

The two different themes in this pack include “Akin” as well as the Mini version, which has less than 50 Icons but still stays true to Apple’s stylization philosophy while looking cleaner, clearer just enough detail without being distracting or complicated at all, so you can enjoy using them easily on any screen size from small devices up through desktop monitors if wanted too!.

15. Aroma

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

Aroma theme latest snowboard

A beautiful iOS 14 theme with dark icons and stylish colors will give your device an elegant personality. This pack is inspired by nature’s original symbols, which will catch people’s attention!

This sleek and stylish snowboard theme has everything you need to climb the mountain. With 500 icons, 10 AE features three badges, two dots, and a switch settings icon bar, with more items added soon. This is compatible with devices running iOS 7-iOS 14 4.

16.iOS Big Sur

Price: $1.99

Repository: Twickd

iOS Big Sur
iOS Big Sur

iOS BigSur is a beautiful winter theme you can use on your phone. It has over 300 icons, and the notification badge will change to match whatever color it’s set at, which means this snowboard-themed skin stands out against other default iOS14 apps!

17. Stencil

Price: $3.49

Repository: Packix

Stencil theme ios

The Stencil theme is a clean, bright, outlined design with massive customizations such as 2,500+ app themes. It also includes loads of extra stuff like respiring logo icons in the main or glyph versions for more modern looks!

Ten beautiful and colorful Stencil Themes are now available! Each Theme comes with filled-in versions of every icon and an outlined one for those who prefer it that way.

Additionally, there’s Status Bar UI in each version, so you can customize your experience even more by changing the background color or dismissing badges when unnecessary.

18.boncy Theme

Price: $3.00

Repository: Twickd

boncy Theme

Boncy Theme is an icon theme with a dynamic design and fresh colors. It has bright, vibrant color schemes that are perfect for any user’s screen!

This application supports iOS 5 – 14, so you can use the updated visuals regardless of your phone’s operating system or age.


Price: $1.99

Repository: Twickd

Killa theme snowboard ios 15 theme
Killa theme snowboard ios 15 theme

If you are looking for an iOS 14 theme with many icons, ten custom-made wallpapers, and 80+ special ones, then Killa is perfect.

It also includes 1600+ iconic app badges from different genres, like games or social media, to make your device stand out even more!

20. The Strokes

Price: $1.99

Repository: Packix

The Strokes
The Strokes

The Strokes theme has over 270 icons, all beautifully designed with rich colors. This amazing app supports iOS 11-14, so you can use it no matter what device your phone or tablet runs on!

21. Offwhite

Price: $2.00

Repository: Packix


Offwhite is the perfect way to customize your iOS experience with its sleek, clean design and modern features. This Theme comes with dozens of creative assets that will take you through every step in making it happen: from customizing icons to installing new apps on demand!

22. Atlantic (Dark)

Price: Free

Repository: Packix

atlantic dark theme

With a dark theme for your iOS device, you can enjoy the contrast and sharpness of colors on display. The icons in this app make it stand out: they’re unique among similar-looking apps with their unmistakable style that will leave visitors wanting more!


I hope you have snowboard themes for ios, and if you are facing issues while installing those themes, let us know we will provide you a working solution. Have a great day.

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