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Anime app icons for Android and IOS/Iphone

Here in this post, I will help you to get anime app icons for iPhone and android as if you are anime lovers who loves naruto,death note, one-piece so, you will get anime icons of characters like Naruto,zenithsu,Levi, luffy,Zoro, etc so you can change your app icons to your favorite anime characters.

Here in this method, we will learn for android and iPhone so without delay, let’s begin the tutorial.

Changing App icons to anime icons in Android:

Time needed5 minutes.

First of all download the anime app icons given below then you can proceed

step 1: After downloading those icons you need to download X icon changer.

step 2: After downloading both anime app icons as well as X icon changer you need to keep app icons in separate folder as shown below:

keep anime icons in separate folder

Step 3: Now Open icon changer then you need to check which anime character icon you love to add.

x icon changer

Step 4: In Icon changer there you will see list of apps with default icons here I will click on youtube.

choosing youtube for anime app icon

Step 5: Then click on Photo >>Gallery>> Folder where you have kept Anime app icons for iPhone and Android 

Anime app icons for iPhone and Android 

Step 6: Choose that icon as I choose Deidara from naruto app icon press ok there will be anime app cover

step 7: Choose how that icon will look whether it is in a circle,oval or rectangle.

Choose that icon

Step 8: I choose square then adjust it and press done 

square shape anime icon

Step 9: Click on Ok there you will get changing app icon then there you will see add to home screen

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add to homescreen

Step 10: Press OK that’s it you got your anime app icon for android.

created anime app icon for android

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Changing App icons to anime icons in IOS/Iphone:

Here is a guide on how you change default app icons to anime icons in ios it will take less time to change than android so follow these steps:

Step 1 : Download all icons and keep in separate folder

step 2 : You need to make shortcut in iPhone for changing icon.

shortcut in iphone to create anime app icon

Step 3: Create a new shortcut and give it a name

giving name to shortcut

Step 4: Choose app as I choose twitter to change app icon for anime

choose anime app icon for iphone

Step 5: Now there will be preview for anime app icon for iPhone just choose and adjust.

choose twitter

Step 6 : Press ok then there will be your app icon 

Anime app icons for iPhone

FAQ On anime app icons:

How do I add an anime character to my app icons?

You can add anime characters to your app icons through X Icon changer in android and from shortcuts in iPhone or ios.

How do you change app icons in anime?

You can change through photoshop or through apps like icon changer or manually.

How do you make an app icon on iOS 14?

It can be done through shortcut feature in ios which makes the tedious job easy to do

What apps make icons?

Here is a list of sites as well as apps in order to make app icons:


So.thats the way you can get anime icons for android as well as iPhone and if you are facing any sorts of issues let us know we will help you to fix it as soon as possible have a good day bye!

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