How to fix Netflix error code NW-1-19?

If you are using Netflix for while and everything is fine and smooth then suddenly you get an error message Your device may not be connected to the Internet. Please make sure your connection is working.” that indicates that there is a network issue I am sure you may be freaked but don’t worry there will be steps that will help to fix “Netflix code NW-1-19”.

So what does the error code NW-1-19 do actually and what does Netflix code NW-1-19 mean?

It occurs due to a network issue and when there is no connection available you are unable to access Netflix servers and you are unable to watch or download any series.

Why you are getting Netflix error NW-1-19

You may be getting this error because of these reasons:

  • DNS configuration problem
  • your internet is not able to connect to the internet
  • Your internet is really slow

Ways to fix Error Code NW-1-19

Here are few steps which you can follow that will resolve the Netflix error code :

1. Restart your device

Fix NW-1-19 Error

Restarting is one of the best solutions that fix every issue whether it’s a smart tv, Roku, or blu-ray as it helps to remove older versions of software and app.

So, how should I restart for that you can unplug from the power source wait for minutes then plug it back in also you can press the power button to shut it down then again press it to turn off the device then power it back on.

2. Check your internet connection

If you are getting NW-1-19 Netflix error as you may not be connected your device to the internet also don’t forget to test from where you can check the speed of internet as the service of fast is given by Netflix so check it out then visit

3. Check whether the network supports streaming

You may be getting error NW-1-19 on Netflix as you might be using a public network many public networks don’t support streaming services and they block any services which try to download big files and tries to use more data as we all know Netflix uses more data as compared to other services.

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Even if you are using cellular data then it might not be enough for streaming services as they do not have enough speed in order to serve content from Netflix especially if you are watching in full HD and 4K videos so, you may need to increase wifi bandwidth also don’t forget to close other applications so, it might fix the issue.


4. Improve the Wi-Fi signal

You can improve the wifi signal by moving your router to a higher level for getting a better signal sometimes obstacles like walls or micro-oven so, better move your device away from them.

You can use an ethernet cable in order to connect your device as it provides much bandwidth as its directly connected so, this is one of the most important steps if you are getting Netflix error NW-1-19 on smart tv, Roku, or Samsung tv that has an ethernet port.

5. Restart your Router

Reset The Router to fix error code NW-31297-2

If you are getting this error code you need to reboot your router in order to get a fresh connection:

  • Turn off the streaming device or unplug it
  • unplug your router
  • after 1 minute plug the router to powerup
  • plug back your streaming player

Now try opening your Netflix.

6. Remove Custom Network Connection Setting

If you are using proxy or DNS settings then those settings may be interrupting so, you need to disable the proxy setting and resetting your streaming player in order to find DNS automatically.


If you are getting Netflix error code nw-1-19 alert then you may be getting a network connectivity issue so you need to fix the home network or your device then once check if you are getting internet access then again try checking whether Netflix is working if it’s working congrats you have fixed the issue have a good day 🙂


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