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How to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error?

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How to Fix Discord 502 Bad Gateway Error?

Discord is a free chat service for gamers, which provides voice and text chats. It was originally created by the game developer Hammer & Chisel in 2016. The company’s goal with Discord was to create an app that would provide more features than other chat services like Skype or TeamSpeak.

They achieved this through their client-server system, where people can use either the desktop client or the browser version on any device they want. Discord offers many different channels, including text channels and voice channels, meaning you can talk to just your friends without worrying about strangers listening in! You also get notifications when someone joins or leaves a channel so you know who’s there at all times.

As we all know discord 502 bad gateway error could ruin your online gaming as you will be unable to talk with your friends and it will ruin your experience but you don’t need to worry we will try to fix it.

Discord is one of the popular VoIP Which allows you to communicate as well as chat as it is one of the popular software made for the gaming community here in this discord you will be able to share your screen, make your private group as well as allows you to invite others to your room so, it is one of the perfect services for communication.

What is the 502 bad gateway error on Discord?

If you are using the internet for a long time then you may know about 502 bad gateway error which mostly occurs with websites. This error is known as “502 proxy error”, the “HTTP 502 error”, “Temporary Error (502)”, and many others.

The 502 bad gateway error relates to the web service and is usually out of the ability of the end-user to resolve. The problem is generally resolved by reloading the web page in a browser, but since this can’t be done with Discord, you’ll need to try other alternatives in order to fix it.

How to fix Discord 502 bad gateway error

Here are few steps which you can use to fix 502 gateway error

Solution No.1: Check Discord server status

Discord VOIP service is built on Cloudflare servers so there may be issues that may affect discord they may be upgrading, maintaining, and updating their system which causes Cloudflare errors which may cause 502 bad gateway errors on discord.

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Go to discord down detector

there you can see the problems raised while using discord by different users you can choose to report as well as you can see reports too.

  • Head over to the Discord Downdetector webpage (Link Here).

discord downdetector

  • Here you should be able to see all of the reported problems with Discord in the past 24 hours.
  • You can choose to also report issues here.

You can see a surge in active reported cases for discord as it may be an issue for everyone so, keep patience until the development team fixes the issue.

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Solution No.2: End Discord.exe process

If Discord app is fine for other members then the error may be in your system so you need to troubleshoot your discord app. We all know that discord runs in the background so even if you close and exit discord app its not enough as discord services might be running in the background so, you need to end the process from the task manager and then try again.

  • Click on the start icon to find task manager service

find task manager to fix discord 502 bad gateway

  • From task manager window browse for discord from list of running apps and background processes

discord icon

  • Right-click on discord icon and click on an end task button to kill app service.

discord end task

  • Restart the app and check if the Discord 502 bad gateway error has been fixed.

Final Words

Bad gateway error on discord may be an internal issue as it is one of the common known server issues so having patience is the best way to resolve the issue and if it works on your friends then just reinstall the discord app login once again then boom it might start working once again.

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