How to adjust mic sensitivity in discord?

We all know discord is a very popular site where we talk to our friends while playing games or other work. Using the Microphone while talking is the main action while staying connected to them. Here, tons of Users have reported that Discord is automatically determining the input sensitivity. We can find that the mic option is set on a very different model than the one that we have needed. 

Moreover, the users have found that the volume is very high or low while the users don’t like that. Also, many of the devices are placed as a default. In this condition, don’t worry, in this article we are gonna talk about how exactly we could fix your Discord mic sensitivity. Be with us.

How Can you fix Discord mic sensitivity?

Disable Automatic sensitivity option

Disable Automatic sensitivity option

Step 1: First of all, get to the Discord settings on your pc

Step 2: Here, on the left side select the voice and video

Step 3: Now, Simply toggle off Automatically determine the input sensitivity option

Step 4: Now, you can check

Set the default device

Set the default device

Step 1: Again, go to the Discord Settings on your device

Step 2: Simply, go to the voice and video settings

Step 3: Under the Input device menu, simply open the dropdown menu and now set the microphone, headset or any other device that you wanna use as a source of the sound. 

Remember, if the mic sensitivity is still not fixed after the use of the first method “ Disable Automatic sensitivity option”, then you should adjust the default device as you need.

Adjust the Mic volume

Adjust the Mic volume

Step 1: Get to the discord settings on your device

Step 2: Select the Voice and Video from the left side under app settings

Step 3: Here, under the Input Volume, simply drag the slider and adjust the volume as you need. 

Step 4: Under the Mic Test, Tap on Let’s Check, then you can easily test the volume of your Mic.

Use Push to talk option

Use Push to talk option

Step 1: Here, first of all go to the Discord settings on the device where your discord is located. 

Step 2: Now, also here again get to the Voice and the Video, located on the left side of the screen. 

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how to adjust mic sensitivity discord,How Can you fix Discord mic sensitivity?

Step 3: Select on the Input Mode, situated on the right side, then you will see an option called push to talk, simply checkmark on that option.

Step 4: Now, you will have to assign a key that is going to activate that microphone every time you want to use it.

Step 5: Here, every time you use a microphone while talking to anyone, you will have to press that key. 

Use any different Web browser

This method is going to be our last and final to fix the sensitivity. If your Mic is still not working properly while getting connected to anyone, then I will highly recommend to you to use any other browser to use discord.

In this case, you can easily use discord on its app or we have a lot of available browsers like edge, opera, Tor, and dozens or more. Even though there are lots of alternatives to discord, I recommend you to use the Opera GX browser which has a lot of unique features on any option either in on gaming or browsing anything.

FAQ on How to lower mic sensitivity on discord?

How can I make my mic less sensitive?

If you want to make your mic less sensitive on discord you need to find discord settings then voice and video then there you can see adjust bar you need to drag that’s it.

Why is my mic suddenly so sensitive on Discord?

If your mic is suddenly sensitive on discord then it may have jumped to the max you need to lower from Discord. Settings -> Voice & Video -> Input Volume that will help to fix mic sensitivity.

I am facing a discord update failed error?

If you are facing an update error that failed you need to run it as an administrator as it will give more power and privilege to discord that can fix discord update failed error

Final words:

These were the best suggestions that are going to help you from adjusting the Mic sensitivity. We get tons of emails regarding this problem and we do some deep research on this and test it personally. We hope to give you the best solution to your problems. 

Also, If you have any queries or any kind of thoughts regarding this subject, then don’t hesitate to tell us in the comment section below. 

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