How to make barrel in Minecraft?[Guide]

how to make barrel in minecraft

We know that barrels are a form of alternative for storage that we use in Minecraft. Keeping all the items accessible and organized to everynone, the player is crafting which can be very imperative to cooperative gameplay and here we will learn to make barrel in minecraft.

You may store your inventory through the use of a chest, but now they can be added to two new blocks. The first block is a shulker box that you can only get by the end, and the other box is called barrel, and in this guide we are gonna learn about how to craft and also use a barrel. 

Chests Vs Barrel

Chests Vs Barrel

Barrels are known as wooden storage vessels which are made from many kinds of wood.  Its function is very identical to the chest. Both barrel and chest can be moved by water, pistons, and lava, and also they both have 27 spaces inside for the objects. Also, both can be used as a fuel inside of Minecraft blast furnaces and furnaces. Talking about their similarities, however, barres have one very cool advantage, that they need any space empty above them to be opened.

This similarity makes a barrel much better storage option in small and tight spaces. Since, the players can stack the barrels and open them, they can also be opened to decorate and build as well as provide a good storage. And thankfully, the process to build a barrel is very easy compared to a basic chest. 

Required materials to make a barrel in Minecraft

Required materials to make a barrel in Minecraft

Depending on the version of minecraft you are playing now, a barrel has two different recipes, the java edition, and another Bedrock edition. 

  • 2 Wooden Slab (Java)
  • 6 Sticks (Bedrock)
  • 6 Wooden Planks (Java)
  • 2 Wooden Slabs (Bedrock)

And for the java edition, you will be needed for 6 wooden planks of any type. You can also mix and match the types of the wood as you want. This is also the same as the case for the wooden slabs. Regardless of the type of wood you will choose, the barrel will always remain the same visually. On the Bedrock edition of the Mincraft, you will only need 6 sticks and any 2 of wooden slabs. 

Steps for making a Barrel on Minecraft:

Steps for making a Barrel on Minecraft

Barrels are a very cheap recipe as it takes even very less wood that the chests. Also, you can have the materials easily to craft a barrel by simply chopping down any tree. Once you collect the woods, convert your logs to the planks, and in case you are playing on Bedrock edition convery your planks into sticks. 

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Save a couple of wooden planks for making slabs which you will need on either version. To make a slab, line on a row of your crafting menu with some wooden planks. 

On the java edition, you can simply line the sides of the crafting table with some wooden planks, On the bedrock edition line the sides of the crafting menu with some sticks. Fill on the bottom middle and also top middle piece with a wooden slab of any kind you want to build your barrel.


For the java edition, just replace the sticks with a wooden plank for making the barrel that you want. 

How to use a barrel?

Once you make your barrel, you can place it wherever you like. It will function as a single chest, and it will not be restricted by requiring any block of air about it. You may also fill a wall with the barrels for having some extra space.

You may also use the barrels as a job site block for the villagers. They will become fishermen and buy or sell fish for emeralds. This is also a good way for obtaining emeralds for powering your beacon.

If the villagers will not buy fish at its first level, you can break the barrel it is assigned and replace it to have the villagers reset its trade inventories.

Barrels can hold 27 inventory spaces, So, they can’t be expanded like the chest, but they can fit on the walls and be titled on either side. 

It doesn’t matter in the case where the barrel’s open end is covered by any block, you can still open it easily. 

Video on craft barrel in Minecraft:

Final words:

Barrels are an alternative method for storing items on Minecraft, and congrats you have now learned the required material to make a barrel in minecraft, the process and also how to use it. I hope this guide will help you to make it.

Don’t forget to comment below, if you have any queries about it. We will get you as soon as possible. Thank you!

Written by Kamal Pandey

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