How to join 2b2t in Minecraft[Step by step guide]

To join 2b2t, you have to first play a certain version of the game, after which you will have to wait for a very long time in order to enter the server and play. It can take a little bit of time, but believe me it is really worth it because of the various projects which have been held through these years on 2b2t.

The owner of 2b2t is HauseMaster, and due to the server’s nature on an anarchy server, he rarely comes online and also leaves the server on its own. Many people also believe that hausemaster is not the real owner of the server. Hausemaster, which is also said as Hause, and he is  formerly known as the name Housemaster or House, which is a name that is given to the ownership of 2b2t. Despite these, 2b2t was one shut down for three months and then it changed the IP address from to

  • Make sure you are playing on the version 1.12.2
  • Go to the multiplayer and add in IP
  • Join there and wait in a queue, they may take upto hours. 
  • How to join the 2b2t


2b2t, also known as 2builder2tools is a Minecraft server which was founded in December 2012, It is also known as the oldest anarchy server on Minecraft, as well as the oldest server running on MInecraft on any kind of variety.

Also, 2b2t is a server which has never been reset since it was born. Also, this server has no rules or any authority, So it is common against players playing through hacking and griefing without any risk of getting banned. 

This server is also set permanently as “Hard” on difficulty, and versus among players is always possible. This server has over 639,000 players exploring its procedurally generated maps, which increases the file size to over 10.3 terabytes.

This server is also well known as the worst server on Minecraft due to its culture and playerbase.

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History and also How to join 2b2t

2b2t is used to be Garry’s mod server, The story is about a guy who runs the Garry’s Mod server with the same premise. Here you can do anything you want. After that he gave the server to one of his friends, who we all know as Hausemaster. 

It was found in December 2010. While, the founders are all anonymous, which they choose to be unknown or known by only their usernames which is commonly referred as “Hausemaster”

Also, there is no main idea. It also started as a generic server in late 2010.

How to join 2b2t on Minecraft?

How to join 2b2t in Minicraft

While a large number of users are joining this server,the queue can get long.

  1. Get to the official Minecraft Server
  2. Click on Get “Minecraft”
  3. Select the Java edition of the Minecraft
  4. Pay the money required as showing on the screen
  5. Go through the steps on Minecraft download wizard
  6. After completing installations, open the Minecraft launcher
  7. Go on “Installations”
  8. Select on 1.12.2
  9. Click on play
  10. Once the Minecraft home screen will open, click on multiplayer
  11. Click on “Add server”
  12. Type on the server address bar as “”
  13. Press on “ search”
  14. Go on the list of the servers
  15. Click 2b2t (In case if it doesn’t apply, press “refresh” and try again)
  16. Wait for about 12 hours on the queue
  17. Once you go to the front of the queue, you will enter on the 2b2t server that you wish for.

You have now successfully entered on the 2b2t server.

How to join 2b2t Minecraft video:



2b2t is a Java Based server, where you will need Java to play. Just follow these steps of this guide to get to 2b2t. It may take a long time but it’s worth it. 

Don’t forget to tell me about the guide in the comment box, I hope you will get to the 2b2t server with the help of this guide. Thank You!

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