☑️How to Change The Tick Speed in Minecraft?

change tickspeed in minecraft

We all know that all video games out use program loops to work. Program loop is a kind of function which helps to control how the event triggers are getting activated and updated. These program loops use ticks. The ticks on Minecraft can be called algorithms of game, Also Minecraft has many set speeds on how fast the ticks will work. So, the question is how can you and why should you change the tick speed of Minecraft?

Minecraft default tick speeds

Yes, the game tick is the unit on Minecraft. The default tick speed on Minecraft is like 20 ticks per second, which means that one tick occurs every 0.05 sec. The updates and advancements on Minecraft happened are based on ticks. Also, if you press ALT+F3 then, the game will show you the ticks per sec.

Minecraft default random tick speed

Minecraft has a feature that affects some of the minor things in the game, like growth of plants, speed of the fire, leaf decays, etc. This feature is called “ Random Ticks”. The random Speed is set to a default of 3 on the Java Edition and also the tick speed is one on the Bedrock Edition.

The settings on the very high number will make the game completely unplayable. Let me explain that how it really works:

If you change the default speed of three to 28, then the growth of your plants and fire speeds will increase by eight-folds.

What is the fastest ticks speed on Minecraft:

The maximum number of the tick speed is from 0 to 256 ticks/ per sec. But, the default value is 20, but after the use of the cheats on the game, you can get the increment on tick speed per sec with an increase on your levels. So, how do you change the tick speed?

how to change tickspeed in minecraft

How to change the tick speed on Minecraft?

  • Now, open your chat window on the game and simply enter this command, 
  • The program loops of Minecraft run at a fixed speed of like 20 ticks/second.
  • To change the tick speed, you just have to use this  command “/gamerule randomTickSpeed <|your tick number|>” and after enabling the cheats. For example like this, “/gamerule randomTickSpeed 80”. This command is going to set your tick to change every 4 secs. There is also another way which is to change it in the settings of your game.
  • Here, the higher tick rate will cause your game to have very slow updates. If you will set the tick rate on 7200, then your game will update one time every hour. But, if you will set the number to 20, then it will be taking an update every second.
  • So, here if you will set the value to a lower value then the different updates can make your device run even slower. On the other side, setting a higher value can make your plants grow very fast without any lag.
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For the Windows and Java script edition, you can use an alphabet ‘T’ and for the Xbox and PlayStation 4, you can use the D-Pad controller.

  • Enter the desired speed you want and apply it on the command. 
  • You can also change the tick speed through an alternative option. Go to the settings while playing the game. Go to the “Random Tick Speed” from the corner settings page and type the new tick speed which you want. 

Minecraft tick speed command

You can even change the tick speed by using the command “/gamerule.” This is available on many versions of the game. These are the commands:

  • /gamerule randomTickSpeed <value>
  • /gamerule randomTickSpeed

The first command is to set the value of tick speed as you want and the second one is used to check the rules of the game. 

Video on how to change tickspeed in Minecraft:

Final Words:

Changing the tick speed is a major want of a user to grow their plants even faster and many other things, setting a higher tick speed is to higher the number of results on the higher rate of decays. Remember one thing, increasing the tick speed can also enable the cheats and disable all your trophies. 

Written by Kamal Pandey

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