Textsheet Alternatives: 10 Best Picked Sites For Study (2021)

Textsheet is an online educational platform used by students who need help with their studies. It provides the solutions through chegg solutions using a Chegg application. 

It became the most admired platform and loved by most students from the world. There were many answers on different categories that you may see in the interface. It has helped over millions of students in their homework and school assignments. But you might feel disappointed by finding that it is no longer with us.

However, Textsheet was closed in 2019 due to a copyright infringement from Chegg. Chegg said that some answers from the text sheet were copied from Chegg. Although, text sheet is no longer with us, don’t worry there are many alternatives that are similar to the text sheet you can use. We have found some textsheet alternatives which will help you in your homework, assignments and study materials.

Alternatives of textsheet:

Here are similar sites of textsheet so,you can choose and get help from mentors and improve your studies:

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Here are our top ten picks for the alternative of textsheet:

  1. Chegg


I recently said that Cheeg gave a copyright strike to textsheet due to some of the answers from textsheet being copied from chegg. It directly means that chegg is a great alternative to a textsheet. Many of the answers that you have seen on the textsheet originated from chegg. 

Chegg provides users with millions of questions and answers to the question. There are many features like live Q and A, Q and A library, solutions, practice, rent book and many more. You can search your questions in the search bar and you will easily get answers. Chegg study has a community of students that come to their online websites to get exact answer.

  1. School Solver

School Solver

School solver is one of the popular platform and tutoring sites for solutions, essays, homework, study documents and completed assignments on all types of questions. There are many tutors from course hero and chegg who are here to provide you with your solution for less than 1$.

Students can even post courses, models, and questions which will have to be finished by the tutors. It is not free, but it can be as cheap as you want where you can get a quick answer to all your questions. 

  1. Study


Study is the most reliable option here when it comes to academic help. This learning site offers a variety of services such as app services, writing services, paper writing services, and some extra services like editing, writing essay,s and tutoring. If you are struggling with assignments or homework, then it can help you to solve your problems.

There are plenty of things that the platform offers. You can find many useful tips and guides for writing academic papers. This site will take care of your weight while resting and recharge. This can be a great alternatives of textsheet.

  1. Slader


This platform has a great interface and a very well-organized display. Chegg interfaces have some confusion but slader will help you to find solutions quickly. There are many categories on the menu in the upper right corner of the display which includes subjects like upper-level math, high school math, science, social sciences and even foreign languages. 

This learning platform is totally free for high schoolers, and you don’t have to pay to use it. You can browse as many questions you want and get step-by-step solutions, your assignment solutions and also textbook solutions on any category. Also, you can ask any questions that you are having trouble getting answers for free,you may get bored so there are similar sites like omegle to chat with random guys!

  1. Course hero

Course Hero

It does not have the same interface as a textsheet, but it is a great platform for the students looking for help on their studies. With course heroes you can find your solution at any time with step by step explanations. You can even browse your study resources by school, literature title, textbook and subject. 

Coursehero is not completely free, but by doing some tasks you can unlock it. This means you can find your solution and read study materials for free of cost. As for these reasons, I think course hero is a great alternative of textsheet

  1. Skooli


Skooli is our another best online platform for school students as well as college students. Many students have a great review on this site. If you are looking for solutions from the tutors then you can simply post your questions. It is quite different from a school solver. As mentioned earlier on this list we have talked about school solvers, you pay for the solutions.

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On this site, you have to pay the online tutors per minute. You don’t have to sign in on the monthly or annual package, which is a great deal for the students who cannot afford the deals. And you will get solutions through experts to your problems. 

  1. Coursera


Coursera is a good alternative of textsheet for the students who want to write research papers. It was found by some professor of Stanford University. Anyone from the globe can easily access one of the best education systems in the world. It offers a wide range of services such as different valuable courses for students from the best teachers. So, it gets millions of traffic every month.

Coursera is easily found on the google play store or apple store. It means that you can run on both android or iOS devices. Users can even attend online degree courses on the site. It comes with a 39$ per month membership to access.

  1. CFS

Crazy for study alternative of textsheet

CFS stands for, crazy for study. It is also a great online learning platform where you can easily get your study material such as class notes, lesson notes and homework answers. CFS is quite similar to a textsheet. There are millions of questions solved on the categories including computer science, humilities, finance, account, and many more.

It provides you with an offer that you can ask teachers around 50 questions which you cannot find on the site while you login. They provide excellent solutions to students who ask questions. You can also access unlimited textbooks that you need for studying.

  1. SparkNotes


This is a kind of platform where you can find many different book, lessons, notes, assignment and study guides of the school subject. This site was originally started in 1999. Spark Notes even provides you a site for buying books, papers, helping many students to increase their marks on the tests. 

It is also available on both android and iOS devices, so you can easily access the app. There are also many subjects listed such as biology, computer science, chemistry, math, health, history, social studies and many more. So, this can also be a great alternative to a textsheet. 

  1. Qanda


Qanda is our last alternative to a textsheet. It can easily be accessed through your mobile devices. This site offers help for subjects like math, science, biology, and many more. Qanda has an app both for android and iOS, So it is also very easy to access if you don’t own a laptop or a desktop. 

It is a very popular site used over 25 million times and also provides the solutions of over 1.5 billion questions which is very impressive for it. It can easily help you to solve your problem using Qanda AI which is totally free to use. 

FAQ on Textsheet Alternatives

✅What is a good alternative for Textsheet com

One of the best alternative for textsheet is chegg which is paid but it provides most of the answers within less time where users can submit their questions and get their answers from experts!

✅ What happened to Textsheet?

Textsheet was down because of the copyright issues from chegg!

✅ Is Textsheet safe?

Textsheet was fine but now its turned down as it was found copying answers from chegg because of that they turned them down!

✅I am bored are there alternatives of Anime?

If you are bored and searching for alternative of 9anime then there are tons of other sites such as Crunchyroll and others.

Final Words:

Textsheet was the most popular online educational site. Millions of students were accessing the website for help on their studies. 

Though, it was becoming very popular, until it closed due to some copyright violations. From the day it closed, many students have been searching for alternatives like text sheet as we have mentioned earlier in this article.

After trying these websites, please don’t forget to share your experience in the comment section below. Also, If you have any issues or questions regarding this, please tell us in the comment section. We will reach you as soon as possible. 

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