How to build a creeper farm in Minecraft[Full guide with video]

Minecraft is one of the best games that I have seen till now because it provides such features in any low-end device like windows, laptops or mobile, etc according to the founder of Minecraft is a game that is developed by targeting low-spec device users.

Minecraft has gained massive popularity in the last few years So much. so that it has even become one of the best-selling sandbox-based video games of all time

Minecraft is such a game where you can create your own virtual world like a real world and you will have full freedom to do anything or create anything that you like in Minecraft when you are new at Minecraft it will be a little difficult for you to make or do anything in Minecraft but don’t worry we are here to help you.

If you love to do farming in real life but you don’t have the resources to start farming in real life then you can make your dream virtually successfully by creating or doing farming in Minecraft, you can create your own farm within a minutes in Minecraft, and today we giving you the tutorial in details about how to build a creeper farm in Minecraft.

 What is Creeper farming?

Creeper Plant is those plants that a form of plastic plant which is added by PneumaticCraft and the process of growing or farming this creeper plant is called creeper farming it is mostly needed when the player would want creeper sneaking and increase their power.

How to build a creeper farm in Minecraft?

Building a creeper farm in Minecraft is really easy and you can do it within a few couples of minutes if you followed our instructions. but before making it you need some materials which are required to make this creeper farm

Items required :

  1. Two hoppers
  2. Two chest
  3. Lots of trapdoors
  4. Lots of building blocks
  5. Two cats
  6. Lava bucket
  7. four signs
  8. 12 carpets

Now after collecting all these items you need to follow the following steps

Crafting creeper farm:

Step 1: Make 3×2 pit blocks

Here your first step should be creating a pitted block of 3×2 and you can build this farm on any kind of biome in the overworld but you can not find it in only one biome which is a mushroom biome.

Now again you need to create a 2x2x2 wall of solid blocks on both sides of that 3×2 pit which you can see in the below picture

How to build a creeper farm in Minecraft

Step 2:  Building structure of the farm

In real life also before making anything we need to build the structure of it so similarly while building a cheaper farm in Minecraft you need to build the structure.

Now you need to place those blocks on both sides of the pillars.

Building structure of the farm

Now after doing all this just join both sides with the help of blocks!

increase the height of blocks

Now you need to increase the height of blocks by one block

Step 3: ceilings for trap doors

This kind of farm needs lot’s of trapdoors as whole ceilings which are made of trap doors and this is the most important step to do while making a creeper farm because it is used to prevent mods such as skeletons from spawning and zombies and we all know creepers are scared or we can call it afraid of cats.

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so you need to bing cats to scared the creepers away from your farm we called it you need to bring cats for the protection. of your farm,

ceilings for trap doors
ceilings for trap doors

Step 4: Building roof for the farm

Roof for the farm is a very important thing that you need to make while farming creeper because sunlight will not let your creepers grow so if you build a roof for the farm then it will protect your farm from sunlight and you can use any solid blocks as a roof but you need to confirm that block is protecting your farm from sunlights or not. you can build a roof!

Building roof for the farm
Building roof for the farm

Step 5; placing the carpet and trap doors on the pit

Now you need to place the carpet in both pits and most important is that you need to place the carpet and trap doors in the pit as shown in the below picture. and here you need to make sure that the distance between each carpet should be the distance or size of two blocks.

placing the carpet and trap doors on the pit
placing the carpet and trap doors on the pit

Step 6: Building the collective system

We all know water is the most important factor for any kind of farming or production so here in creeper farming in Minecraft also you need water so you need to manage the proper water supply and to do that you need to create a pathway for water to your farm and please make sure that your pathway is long.

Now after making the pathway for water at the end of the water pathway to your farm you need to create a lava trap to kills the creepers and players can easily use signs to hold lava and get the creepers. and when you put lava at the end of the water pathway creepers leaders will go there and die.

Building the collective system
Building the collective system

 Step 7: Farming the creepers

Now after you did all this process this is the final process that you need to do for growing creepers. Now you need to farm the creepers. and this kind of farm works best when the player is 120 blocks above the chest and the player can easily use scaffolding to reach the tallest height in Minecraft.

Farming the creepers
Farming the creepers



we have tried our best to  teach about the farming creepers in Minecraft in this article we hope you have understood it but if you still have any kind of doubts or issues regarding this article or you want to give use feedback about our website article then feel free to comment down so we can see your comment and replay it you and help you to solve your doubts problem!

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