Ticketmaster Error Code 0002: How To Fix The Ticketmaster Error Code?

How To Fix The Ticketmaster Error Code 2021?

Today in this modern or we can say the world of the internet has lots of problems, as well as we have their solutions too and nowadays everything is being online like an offline shop or offline business, are being online.

We can easily buy or book the ticket for different activities like a concert, theatre family, etc from online while doing this kind of activities I mean to booking the ticket for different activities like a concert, theatre family in online we used to face lot’s problems and issues and Ticketmaster error code 0002 is one of the most common issues we used to face while doing online activities.

What is Ticketmaster?

Ticketmaster is an online service or tool which is specially used for booking activities online like with the help of taskmaster we can easily book the ticket to the different concerts, shows, programs, theater, and other online activities. and while using this service or tool users used to face lots of issues and problems.

What is Ticketmaster Error code 0002?

Ticketmaster Error code 2021 is the error or issues which occurs when you are using Ticketmaster tool or services for booking a different kind of programs, shows,m theater, and other different kinds of ticket system program through online and according to experts this ticket master error is especially occurring because of different issues in your computer or in internet and we are gonna discuss them below.

  What causes or reason behind this Issue?

Till now no one knows the accurate answer for this question but some experts of ticket master and online experts have done some research and they came to the final decision that this issue occurs because of the following points.

  • Proxy server

The proxy server may cause this problem or issues because in some cases you may have considered proxy settings in your computer or laptop. or they might have arranged or managed automatically. if so then it is suggested that you need to disable or turn off that proxy server setting.

  • Cache and cookies

Cache and Cookies are stores in your pc or laptop browser of each and every website for your better usages of that particular website. and we know cookies and cache are saved in your browser and there is a high chance that `your cache and cookies of Ticketmaster have been corrupted.

  • Browser Issues

In some circumstances this error code 0002 use to occurs due to some issues or problems in your computer browser because all the local data of that website will be store in your browser so we recommend you to change your browser once and try Ticketmaster then the error for ticketmaster 2021 will be solved.

What may be the possible solution for fixing it:

There are lots of solutions for this problem which you can use and fix Ticketmaster error code 0002 and they are given below.

  • Check your internet connection

In most of the case, this Ticketmaster error is caused due to a bad or corrupted internet connection. so once change your internet connection and try to use it again by refreshing the page.

  • Clear your browser cache and cookies

We already told you that your browser saves the cache and cookies of that particular website for your better performance on that website and in some cases, cookies and cache used to corrupt the data and your local details like your login details in that particular website.

so we suggest you clear or delete your browser cache and cookies and try to use them. so new fresh cache and cookies will be saved and you will have better performance. and to clear the cache and cookies you can follow the following steps,

  • On your computer laptop or mobile, open chrome browser
  • Now click on the three-dot on the top right corner of your browser.
  • Click on more tools and then clear browsing data.
  • Now you can select a time range to delete everything.
  • After that, you will see the check button you just need to check the box cookies and other site data.
  • Click on clear data.
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clearing cache for fixing ticket master error 0002
clearing cache for fixing ticket master error 0002
  • All done you have successfully cleared your browser cache and cookies.


  • Clear your DNS cache

Sometimes it occurs due to your cache present in your DNS so we suggest you clear or delete all the DNS cache you can easily clear your DNS cache by writing program in command prompt so just open your command prompt and set it as run as administrative and Type ipconfig/flushdns and hit the Enter.

Now you need to wait for a couple of minutes or a second and all the cache will be clear.

  • Use mobile hotspot in place of wifi

sometimes this kind of issue may occur due to your wifi connection and when you change your wifi connection and if you still face these issues then turn on mobile data and connect the hotspot to your computer and use it.

  • Restart your computer

Sometimes this kind of issues may occur because your computer or laptop has been running for a long period of time and when it is so some feature of your computer will be automatically turn off to run your computer smoothly so we highly suggest you restart your device so all the features and function will start working again and your computer will be fresh also.

  •  Turn off VPN services.

Sometimes we have to use VPN services for different purposes but sometimes it creates issue because ticket master will be set up according to your location and if you have changed your location with the help of a VPN that may create different issues.

  • Change your Browser

sometimes when you use a low-end browser or any kind of unauthorized browser which is very risky than also you may face this kind of issue so we highly recommend you change your authorized browser like chrome, firefox, tor, and brave browser, etc.

Frequently Asked Question:

  • Is it good to use ticket master with VPN services?

No, it is not good to use Ticket master with VPN services because Ticketmaster will be set up for one location and when you use VPN it changes your location so ticket master may not work in this case.

  • Will we face this Ticketmaster error every time when we book anything

No, you will not face this kind of issue again and again

  •  When does Ticketmaster show this error 0002

Ticket master shows this issue or error 0002 when you are trying to book or the purchase process is not completed on that particular website.


Ticket master had to make our life so much easier in terms of online purchasing or booking ticket of anything online but we all know everything in the world can create a problem so this Ticketmaster can also create different issues and we also promise that we will come with a wonderful problem-solving article like this in upcoming days.

So now if you have any kind of quires or doubts regarding this issue ticket master error code 0002 then please feel free to comment down we will try our best to reply to your comment and solve your doubt.

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