☑️How to Watch Deleted YouTube Videos Online in 2 Ways|The Ultimate Guide

In Today’s world those people who have access to the internet I am 100% sure that those people are using youtube because Youtube has been a great platform for both content created as well as viewers. per day more than 1 billion users used to consume content on youtube.

Youtube is a great social media platform for different purposes like for knowledge, skills sharing and entertainment, etc. and we all have our favorite youtube on youtube isn’t it yes of course, and sometimes they used to delete the video which they have uploaded due to several reasons like copyright strick, privacy issues, complain and other different reason, etc.

And sometimes we missed that chance to see that deleted video by that particular creator. so we want to see that deleted video but we don’t know the way to watch delete youtube video and we also think it is impossible but let me tell you nothing Is impossible and today we are going to talk about How can you watch deleted Youtube video. technically there is no official way to watch deleted youtube videos but we are going to teach you some possible chances to see deleted youtube videos.

Watch deleted or private videos:

Part 1: Watch Deleted YouTube Videos with a URL

you can follow this method to watch the deleted video on youtube but here also we can give you a 100 percent guaranty that you can watch that particular deleted video. but now let me teach you the second way of doing it.

we all are well known about way back machine or you cal also say internet archive. if not then let me tell you Wayback machine is a website or service from where you can view the old version or previous design or content of any particular website on the internet.

Now you may be thinking about how this can help us to watch. i already told you that from the way back machine you can view any website’s previous content so now let me tell you how you can watch deleted youtube videos on the way back machine.

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at first, click here to go to the Wayback machine homepage after going there you just need to enter that deleted video URL in the search box ( you can get the URL from that video playlist or from your watch later section) and even you can easily select the date and hit enter.

 Find deleted YouTube videos from history

If you want to watch those private or deleted youtube videos then you need to get URL as it is necessary!

Part 2: Watch Deleted YouTube Videos without a URL

  • At first, open your computer browser and type youtube.com in the search bar, after that go to the search box and type the title of that deleted video, and hit enter.

google crawl url

  • After that search result will appear on the youtube page now you need to find out that deleted video from there but here you may find that deleted video as well as may not find because due to sometimes due to youtube glitch you can find deleted video in search result also but not every time!

youtube search results


  • Is there any legit way to watch deleted youtube videos by youtube?

No, actually there is no legit way of watching deleted youtube because according to youtube policy normal viewers are not allowed to watch the deleted videos.

  • Why Creator deleted youtube video.

There may be lots of reason behind it but let me tell you few points. A creator deletes a video because he may have got copyright strick or privacy complaints from youtube. and they may also remove because of their personal reasons.


That’s the way you can watch removed youtube videos in 2021 if you face anysorts of issue let us know we will fix it as soon as possible. Awh you may face Ticketmaster error 0002 which we fixed it already you can check also there may be a way to get someone’s IP through Discord?

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