☑️How to get someone’s IP through Discord?2021

How to get someone's IP through Discord?

Discord is getting next level of hype day by day because of its unique features and content management system and we all know that discord is mainly used by gamers who use to stream in different platform like youtube twitch etc for different purposes like content management and fan followers management as well it helps them to share information or communicate with other gamers while playing the game.

In the above, I have mention game only but that does not mean discord is a gaming-oriented platform it is a platform for different fields or categories like for the company to manage their employees and for freelancers for their content management, etc.

We know discord has lot’s of features which can be used for different work but with the help of discord or  I mean to say you can build really good relationships with others and we know we have got amazing and wonderful features in discord but sometimes we need more which technically not possible.

Like sometimes we want the personal data of other people in discord which is again impossible and sometimes we need the IP address of other people in discord for personal purposes but technically discord does not give any features which give you other people’s IP.

technically in the normal sense, if I have to tell you from discord we can not get any other Ip address.

How can I get other user IP in discord?

Technically it is not possible in discord but you can use some kind of link or make your own website by which you can get the IP of any people who will click on your website URL.

Now if you wanna know then let me tell you how you can create your website easily and get IP address ion discord ( note: this is just for educational purposes so we request you please don’t use this method for harming others)  Now you may be thinking

How can I make a website and Get an IP address?

here we are making a site that will extract your targeted people’s IP and store it in your database so it has quite a different process and To make a website you need to follow the following points.

  • Coding

Coding the most important part of website making because coding means to make your website or you can understand that is the process of  making complete house and in coding also there are two parts that play a very important role to make a complete website which is

  • Frontend coding or development.

frontend development means developing a website design or you can also understand it is the process of creating and website outlook I mean to say it is the process of making website front part which can be seen by your user.

Front end development you need to learn programming languages like HTML CSS javascript and React etc and if you don’t have knowledge about it then you can learn it from the internet or if you don’t want to waste your time in learning then you can hire a freelancer from freelancing sites like fiver Upwork etc.

  • Backend development or coding

Backend development means the process of making a website back structure like if I have to give an example then backend development means making engine of the car which runs the car smoothly and frontend means making car body whereas backend development means making all the parts which is inside the car and which runs the car body.

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In simple, you can understand backend development means creating website features and in this case to get IP of the user who clicks in your website like their IP should be saved in your database so you need to program your site like that.

Here you need to keep something in your mind that while making a backend system or program you need to make such a program when someone clicks on your website URL your program should extract that user IP and store it in your database.

For backend development, you can learn languages like python, c and c++, etc and if you don’t want to waste your time in learning and want quiet results here also then I suggest you hire a freelancer from Upwork or fiver.

  • Server

The server is an important part to run your website you can also know it by hosting. in simple you can understand that server or hosting is a place where all the data of your website and the user will be the store I mean to say the IP which is extracted from your user by discord will be store in your server.

So there are also different types of the server but I suggest you go with Cloudways which provide value for money server for you

Now you have successful created your website it’s time to use it now you may be thinking.You can use iplogger to shorten the links.

Iplogger,How to get someone's IP through Discord

How can I make a website and Get an IP address?

Now my friend doesn’t worry you have completed almost all processes now it’s time to take action. so let me tell you how can you take action I mean how can you get IP from this website in discord.

At first, you need to send this link to that discord user which IP address you want to get and when you send your website URL and when he clicks in that particular website URL then his or her IP will be extracted by your backend programming and that will be store in your server (hosting) or database where you can look the IP of that person at anytime you want.


We have just provided this information for educational purposes only we request you please don’t use this method for harming other people. and if you have any kind of quires or doubts then please feel free to comment down we will try to reply to your comment and solve your issues and one issue that user’s face is to increase mic volume in discord.

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