☑️What Is Discord Top Secret Control Panel and How to Use It?2021

discord super secret control panel

Discord is being most popular social media platform for any kind of people. lot’s of people are using this platform for different kinds of works. especially this platform is famous in the gaming community.  because discord provides such good features which are really helpful for any gamers.

Not only gammers streamers used to use discord for different purposes like it help them to connect with their followers easily and became an awesome platform for any kind of people. and lots of people use this platform for different purposes like you can manage your whole team from this platform.

here in discord you can create your server and manage anything that you want and this platform manages your time. and this platform is also famous in the office sector for different kinds of purposes like file sharing communication, data transfer, and team management, etc.

Discord is mainly famous for its different unique features like the discord secret control panel now you may be thinking about what is discord secret panel and how to use it then don’t worry we are going to talk about this in today’s article. we have already talked about how to increase mic volume in discord too which arises the issue so you can check it out too.

What is discord’s Top secret panel?

Discord is such a platform that connects different people in one place with lots of new features every day like messaging chatbot, messaging board, VoIP chatting system which comes with discord top secret top control panel.

This platform discord can use on any devices like laptop, pc, mobile, etc and you can use it for different purposes according to your needs.

And this discord comes with a discord top secret control panel of discord pc version and you can easily access this discord top-secret panel by click on the discord icon located in your discord homepage right side.

especially this discord yop secret control panel is used to sometimes discords appeared by disabling and you can not access it. and even you can not click on it also at that time these features may be helpful for you.

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This feature is mainly used by Discord developers for development and maintenance or a person who is trying to work with discord API.

What may be the reason for Discord’s top-secret control panel?

As I told you what is discord super secret control panel and in my point of view this feature is not useful for everyone but ya for someone like a developer or ethical hacker it may be so much helpful and here is some reason why you should use this hidden panel from discord.

  • It might only be open to Discord developers for development and maintenance.
  • It’s panel button might be in its beta version and will be introduced in a later stage, yes it is in just beta version which means discord developers are checking this control pannel usages and performance.
  • It is just there to make you more curious about the feature while it has nothing to do with the top-secret feature.

How can I access this discord top secret control panel?

  • At first, you need to open your discord in pc version if you do not have a discord pc version then you can download it from the discord official website or you can simply click here
  • Now if you have a discord account then that’s awesome but you have just install discord then also don’t worry because to use this discord secret control panel you should not make any discord account or register in it.
Discord secret panel
Discord secret panel
  • Now open your discord in pc and look at the top right side where you can see the discord icon ( notification bar) now you need to right-click on discord in and after that you can easily access the discord super secret control panel in 2021.


For now, that’s it if you are facing any sorts of issues in discord as red dot in discord, discord update failed then we can help you as you know sharing is caring so don’t forget to share our articles with your friends and amaze them with these ideas.


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