Extesyy Apex Legends Settings: Controller, ALC, & Setup

Extesyy is one of the best Apex Legends controller movement players. His impressive movements and precision aiming with a controller are unparalleled. Taking down opponents quickly and efficiently is no challenge for him!

If you want to up your game, we’ve compiled a list of Extesyy‘s Apex controller settings for you to try.

You can take a look and tweak his settings to your ease and start playing to check if your gameplay has been Improved so without further delay, let’s begin :

Extesyy Apex Legends Controller Settings

Controller Layout: Controller Presets

extesyy controller binds

Stick Layout Default
Interact/Reload Button Tap to Use and Reload
Crouch Button Hold
Aim Button Hold
Survival Slot Button OFF
Trigger Deadzones None
Menu Cursor Speed 80%
Vibration Off


Extesyy ALC(Advanced Look Controls)/Custom Look Controls

extesyy alc settings

ads pitch speed

Extesyy Apex Legends Video Settings

FOV 110
Resolution 1920×1080
Aspect Ratio 16:9
Nvidia Reflex Enabled + Boost
Graphics Settings Everything Low for better FPS

Extesyy Setup

Headset Apple Ear Phones
Mouse G Pro Superlight
Controller Elite Series 2
Processor 11 Gen i9
GPU rtx 3070ti



Optimizing settings is essential for aspiring gamer to get the best out of their gaming experience.

From increasing frame rate to reducing latency, making the right changes can help them reach higher levels of success. Every player has different settings, so don’t try to mimic the settings but make yourself one, taking these as examples.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this post. Please leave a comment in the comment section below and let us know!

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