How To Make Someone Mod On Discord?(Step by step)

How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord?

You might have a discord server with a lot of members if you’re a gamer or a popular guy. It’s really important to make sure you have a clean server so that you can accept new members, mute members, and keep records. It’s hard to handle a huge group of members by yourself, so you’ll need a second moderation team.

You can choose trustworthy members for moderation who will take care of the server and manage the activities of the member as the moderator will have special permission over other members, here in this guide you will learn to make someone mod on discord who will moderate the server.

Permissions discord moderators have:

The moderator has more abilities than other members, so he can control other members’ activities. Here’s what he can do:

How to Make Someone Moderator on Discord:

You need a moderator to keep track of people if you want them to follow your rules, as everyone looks at the discord server like the real world.

It’s impossible to control all the mess if you’re alone, and there’s a rule by Discord: if you wanna get visibility, you need to keep your server clean and without rough words. So, if you wanna get the visibility or partnership program, try removing those words.

Step-1: Open discord software on pc or log in to discord through your browser

discord browser

Step 2: Setup community server with administrative rights. Then you can follow these steps to appoint a mod on discord server

Step 3: Open server settings

server setting for discord mod

Once you’ve logged in, click on server settings from the left side menu to open the server settings

Step 4: Create a New Role

You need to go to the roles tab from the left side.

after that you will see @ everyone role, in general, the tick mark allows to make anyone mod on your server and ability for moderation of server.

Then you can create a new role by clicking on the + Icon.

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Step 5: Give the Role a Name

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role in discord

You can give the role a new name you can assign it to mod/moderator or as your wish here for the demo I have set the name as Minister once you set the name you can move to the next step.

Step 6: Select a Set of Special permissions

Now you need to give powers to the mod what he can do, and it will make the mod team more powerful than others for example, you can tick:

  • Manage roles
  • manage emojis in discord
  • check audit log
  • manage webhook
  • delete messages

permission on discord

Step-7: After giving permission you can press on save change then a new role will be created with a new and powerful set of permissions.

We have created permission as this is the first part, and after that, you need to assign someone from your group for that rule and choose a trustworthy member.

Part 2: Assigning a Person to That Created Role

Step 1: Go to members

Click on a member under the user management panel.

How To Make Someone A Mod On Discord

Step-2: Assign

If you have more than 1000 members on your server, then you can use that search bar to find members from the user management panel.

search bar discord

Step 3: Choosing roles

After finding the member you can click on the three-dot icon and then choose roles. after that, choose the recently created mod role or minister role.

mod on discord

Then the member will have special permission who can moderate the server.

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What is the difference between moderator and admin?

An admin has the ability to choose and remove the current moderator, as the moderator will monitor and take action.

How to make someone mod on Discord?

If you want to make someone a server mod, you need to create a new role and give permission that will allow performing that permission then the member will be the mod of that discord server.

Final Words

That’s all for today! I hope you understood the article. If you have any issues assigning a moderator, let us know, and we’ll guide you. Have a good day 🙂

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