How does discord make money?

If you want to discuss your favorite topic with the people who love to hear about your stuff whether they are friends or families then it would be good so the discord team crafted a place where you can start a conversation about your topic or hobbies named as discord.

It was developed by gamers for gamers where they can easily communicate with their teammates as Teamspeak and skype were not good enough due to poor connection and audio issues as it cannot be ignored by gamers because they win or lose depending upon milliseconds.

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Features of discord :

  • Start speaking with your friends for free
  • you can add your favorite friends there is no limit
  • you can run this app on both android or windows,linux.
  • it doesn’t require more space
  • you can create a discord account and you can stay hidden so, your data is in discord’s server only.
  • You can get more features in your server by adding various important bots like mee6 and others too.
  • It allows you to customize in-game overlay, channels, custom hotkeys as well as push notifications.
  • It keeps your IP address anonymous so, you don’t need to worry as there is DDoS protection and high-level security.

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How Discord makes money?

Discord makes money through Nitro subscription fees, games on their platform as well as server boosting which activates more required features for their discord group like unlock of emoji, improvement in video quality, sharing larger files.

1. Nitro subscriptions

Discord started a nitro subscription which costs $9.99 per month or $99 per annum. If you want cheaper then there is a nitro classic which costs $4.99 per month and $49.99 per year.

  • You can choose your personal discord tag
  • custom emoji
  • nitro profile badge[You can customize]
  • start sharing your screen with a higher resolution of 720p
  • You can share larger files from 50MB to 100 MB.
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2. Game store – distribution fees

Discord started its games store in august 2018 where it allows game developers to code and sells their games in store they get paid once their game is sold and they get 90% of the total revenue and 10% goes to discord account as this allows the discord to operate their servers.

3. Discord Merchandise Store

You can buy branded hoodies, hats, sweatshirts, and t-shirt this helps to get a small amount of revenue from their fans it’s a great marketing strategy that helps to promote their products as discord is free so, some of the fans buy their merchandise and support the company.

4. Discord Receives Support from VCs

Big funding companies support discord as discord announced this gaming and discussion startup got $150 Million at starting $2.05 Billion valuations so, they are used by discord for improving nitro and they give rewards to their awesome working employees.


What’s the discord’s net worth?

Discord was valued at $7 billion which doubled its value within or less than a year.

Is Discord Safe to Use?

Discord cant monitor everything, even so, the server owner monitors most of the stuff and activities it makes a safe place to talk with your friends

Does Discord Collect User Data?

it keeps some data and information above the age of 13 but it doesn’t share with business partners or third part.

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