How to get apple music free forever?[Updated]

get apple music free 2021

Apple Inc. is a multinational technology company that creates consumer electronics, computer software, and personal computers. The apple music app is an example of one of apple’s creations as it allows users to listen to as well as download music from apple’s library for free on their mobile devices.

Here in this guide, you will learn new and updated methods which will help you to get apple music free-forever anyway here in this legit method you will get 3 and 6 months for free.

If you want to use apple music in android and want to get free apple music in android then stay till the end there you will find a few legit methods so, without delay let’s begin.

Method 1: Apple music free trial – 3 months

There is no doubt the easy way to get free apple music is to get through subscribing to their 3 months trial as they provide you need to get their free trial using a valid payment method don’t worry even if you don’t have a valid credit/debit card.

I will provide bins that will help you to get apple music without a credit/debit card,you need to signup their free trial by downloading their app or if you are in windows then you need to download iTunes then you can listen to quality content songs any way here is guide on how to get 3 months free Apple music on iTunes:

How to Get Apple Music Free Trial:

Step 1. Open iTunes then select music from the category from the dropdown menu.

Step 2. click on your menu there you will see a trial offer for free click on that.

Step 3.Now choose subscription which you want “Individual“, “Family“, “College Student

Step 4.Login with you account or make new apple account.

Step 5.Make sure you have selected valid payment method then you can enjoy free 3 months apple music.

Method 2: How to Get Apple Music for Free on Best Buy

Now, best buy is a consumer electronics store where consumers can find new and used items of various prices. It was founded in 1966 and had annual revenue of over 12 billion dollars in 2010. It provides extensive customer service which ensures that BEST BUY customers have a reliable source for their electronic needs.

It also has an online payment system so that consumers can complete transactions quickly without leaving home. This makes best buy the ideal place to purchase new or used technology from phones to computers to speakers. while offering this you can claim 6-months free Apple Music.

Here is guide on how you can claim apple music trial on best buy:

Step 1. Open best buy’s shopping site make new account if you haven’t if you have made then just login.

Step 2. Open search bar and find apple there you will see Apple – Free Apple Music for 6 months (new subscribers only).

apple music 6 months

Step 3. click on that yellow button then you can add it to cart and checkout.

Step 4. You will get a digital code in your mailbox then redeem it from apple music then you can get apple music without paying.

Method 3: How to Get Free Apple Music with Shazam

Shazam is providing apple music for free up to five months I tried to get apple music in android I was able to get 3 months if you are on ios then you will get five months subscription don’t leave this offer claim it if you don’t know to get it then here is full guide follow me:

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This guide is for Apple&android users:

Step 1: Download shazam app on your device

shazam app in playstore

Step 2:Open app and tap to shazam

open shazam app

Step 3 :you can play it on youtube and click on find from bubble like icon of shazam it will detect and identify it.

Step 4: Once the song is identified you need to press on play full song

Step 5: there you will see offers to get up to 5 months free of apple music

Step 6: Choose the desired subscription

subscription in apple music

Step 7: then press on blue button try it for free.

Step 8: Then provide valid payment method and login with your existing apple account.

Method 3: How to Get apple music without credit card?

Listen you need valid payment method to claim apple’s free music offer but you can do with working bins as mention above you need to follow this method don’t forget to share this post then you will be able to unlock and get a working bin.

Step 1: Create apple account or login with existing credentials in apple music

step 2: Open VPN and connect to USA.

step 3: If you are from another country then don’t forget to change your country option

step 4: Press on claim free trial then choose the subscription you want “Individual“, “Family“, “College Student

step 5: Now open fake address generator to generate random addresses.

step 6: copy those and paste it in required field

step 7: Generate bins from namso and check them in checker and see if they are valid.

Step 8: If they are valid copy and paste them in card number,expiry date and cvv

Step 9: Voila there it will process and ask you to login with you apple account

Step 10: When it will be a valid source of payment then it will ask whether to send the receipt in mail box or not its your choice just choose it .

Step 11: Enjoy with your free apple music

getting apple music for free

You can repeat this method as you need to create new apple account and then complete all those steps then you will be able to use apple music free forever until its patched.

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Is there a free Apple Music?

Yes you can get free apple music through shazam as well as their official app as more details are described already.

How can I get Apple Music again for free?

You can get apple music again by deleting old shazam or making new account.


So,I have shared way to get apple music in 2021 I hope you liked my methods don’t forget to share as sharing is caring and bookmark this site more tips are coming regarding spotify,steam as well as other paid methods which will gonna be completely free have a great day ahead.

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