How to Reset Hisense TV without Remote?

Hisense is a multinational Chinese electronics company that produces televisions, washing machines, refrigerators as well as home appliances they also manufacture mobile phones and one of the best products is television they have the best features for watching games, movies, sports as well as other types of contents.

Apart from providing crystal clear sound and great pictures, Hisense TV allows users to reset their functions as you need to use remote control and if the remote gets broken or if it’s lost then you need to use the button from the tv so here are the methods to reset your tv.

Hisense tv

How to Reset Hisense TV without Remote?

Hisense is a brand that sells high-quality tv as well as budget-friendly tv and if you check you can find QLED, OLED,4K and HD TVs so, there may be issues while controlling so here are few steps which you can follow to reset Hisense models without a controller.

How to Soft Reset Hisense TVs?

There are two types of reset for such devices if you want to reset temporarily then you can press soft reset and if you want to wipe all your settings then you need to wait few seconds in order to get active for hard reset.

Here are steps that you can follow to perform a soft reset on Hisense BE7400

  • First, you need to remove the plug from tv and make sure you have removed it from power outlet.
  • wait for 60 seconds before replacing the plug
  • Insert the plug into the socket
  • Now check if there is an issue.

How to Perform a Hard Reset on Hisense TVs?

We already have discussed hard reset and soft reset so these hard reset can remove your data and customized settings and if you don’t mind losing your setup then you can proceed with these steps:

  • Find reset button or hole where you can find hole named as RESET.
  • Now insert a pointed paperclip.
  • push the clip into the hole for 15 seconds until tv restarts.

How to Factory Reset a Hisense Roku TV?

Another interesting product from the Hisense Roku TV brand is the Hisense Roku TV. Aside from offering 4k resolution, it promises crystal clear sound in addition to a separate game mode. If you have this TV model, you may reset the settings using its Reset button.

  • Turn on Hisense Roku tv
  • find reset button on the back of the TV.
  • Now press the reset button by using a toothpick or screwdriver.
  • press the button on tv until it restarts
  • The tv will reset twice automatically.

How to Reset the Hisense Android TV with a Mobile App

You can also perform a hard reset on your Hisense Android TV even if it doesn’t have one. To do so, you’ll need access to a mobile phone with an active data connection. Then download and use a remote app to reset the settings. Because a mobile app may delete your TV’s applications, you should be prepared to lose any apps on the device. If you can deal with it, this is an excellent way to do it.

1.) Install the App

  • Find and download Hisense remote now app from google play store or app store.
Price: Free
  • RemoteNOW Screenshot
  • RemoteNOW Screenshot
  • RemoteNOW Screenshot
  • RemoteNOW Screenshot
  • Install that app on your device whether it is android or iPhone.
  • You need to connect The app with Hisense tv don’t forget you need to be on the same wifi network.
  • Open app on your mobile phone
  • Type the name of the Hisense tv on the app and pair them both.
  • There you will get a PIN on the Television screen.
  • Now type the PIN into app then hit pair.

2) Use the App to Reset the TV

  • Press upward arrow onscreen remote of the app.
  • you need to use directional buttons to scroll to the settings menu or gear symbol on the upper part of the screen.
  • Now press OK and select the settings menu
  • now scroll down to device settings and hit ok on-screen remote.
  • Move downwards until you get reset
  • press ok button.
  • confirm settings by choosing yes
  • now you need to wait till the reset process gets completed.

3) Set up the TV

  • choose language and region
  • agrees on conditions and terms of google
  • Connect tv with your wifi network
  • sign in with your Google account
  • now choose the name for your tv
  • install your required apps.

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When Should I Reset My Hisense TV?

Resetting a Hisense TV to its factory settings while maintaining optimum performance is as simple as pressing a button. Before pushing the reset switch on your device or mobile app, be sure to check for the following problems.

A Firmware Update

you need to be very careful during updating firmware on Hisense tv as if you mess with it then the tv might be permanently destroyed so, before installing firmware make sure you already have power backup.

Picture without Audio

If your Hisense tv isn’t producing any sound then you need to remove from the power source and wait for few minutes and replug the tv or you can perform a hard reset which may fix the issue.

Flickering Screens

Flickering screens are possible with some Hisense TVs. Reset the TV to address the issue before taking it to a service center. This problem is typically resolved by performing a soft reset.

Sound with Picture

Is your Hisense television blank but displaying sound? If you answered yes, reset the television and set it to its original settings.

A Blinking LED Indicator

If your TV’s Hisense LED indicator blinks, there may be a hardware problem. A factory reset, like the others on our list, might keep the light on.

Final Words

So they are the methods to reset any Hisense tv as discussed you need to start with a soft reset or you need to push the button at the back, you can even use Hisense remote app so, don’t forget to get the original remote online or offline.

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